For the Love of Lurrus: Bad Dreams

BAD DREAMS (Golgari Lurrus)

This was one of my favorite builds.  It combined my love of little deathtouch creatures and a bit of a Gruul mentality. With all of these we will have the deck list on the side for you to play with and send us the brews you come up with! now, let me explain why this is one of my favorites.

The addition of green to Lurrus opens up all types of possibilities.  The first and foremost is giving this deck something the companion condition takes away; heavy hitters.  One of the broken things about this condition is that all cards with only two or less mana cost, no matter that there’s an X payment that can be any amount, are all allowed.  And green has some of the best X value cards.   This allows you to drop in cards like the Ivy Elemental, Steelbane Hydra or Voracious Hydra.  These cards can be most veritile indeed.  They can come in as big or small as needed at the time.  The real benefit is sneaking in a monstrousity your opponent never expects out of a Lurrus deck.

Once again, if you’re going to play these counter builders, make sure and drop in the Ozolith to sweep them up when your opponent drops in with a surprise kill card.

Along with green also comes a whole lot of growth cards.  GIANT GROWTH is the cheapest, but GIFT OF STREGNTH brings reach with it and GROWTH CYCLE gets bigger with every use.

If you can keep LURRUS on the field with return cards and protection from KAYA’S GHOSTFORM, you can not only keep cycling those Deathtouch 1/1s back, but you can make use of a two drop green enchantment called WARBRIAR’S BLESSING.  It gives the deathtouch weenie a bit of a boost with a +2 to defense, but it also makes it fight one creature you don’t control.  This way, if they’re refusing to attack whether their big or small, all fall to deathtouch (all but first strike/double strike, watch out for that).  It being a cheap enchantment, you can keep bringing it back to the battlefield, killing their big creatures off with deathtouch.  I find, I never fear the ramping creatures or those trampling monstrousities as long as I can keep bringing the fight to them, as well as the deathtouch. 

Also, throw a few RABID BITE cards in there for more deathtouch fights.

All of this makes this deck the most dangerous, annoying and one of the most winning decks in the Lurrus mix. What would you add to the deck? Anyhting you would take out? Make sure and tweet us your ideas or share them with us on facebook! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until next time, BDC

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