For the Love of Lurrus


And welcome to the Magic Tavern.  A place that exists just beyond your fondish wish and,yet, can be found if you possess…game. I am BDC and, today, I’m brewing one of the most difficult and, at the same time, the most versatile of the companions, LURRUS of the DREAM DEN.  (I just love that name)

Now, I know there’s a lot of heat on the internet over the whole companion mechanic (Especially now that they have changed the entire way it works. But more on that coming soon!) but as far as I can see, there’s no end to it my friends.  But that is not on the agenda for today (comment if you REALLY want to get into that subject).

No, we’re playing my favorite game, for the LOVE of LURRUS!

This companion, as I said before, is amazingly versatile.  It can work with any color scheme that includes black or white and in any combination.  And, although it is, as most companions are, terribly restrictive, I think there’s a lot of room for the brew.

The restriction is a simple one; only permanents with a mana cost of 2 or less are allowed in the deck. The key word is permanents there. All your instants and sorcery spells are safe.

Soooo….It makes it hard to have the big heavy hitters you usually need to finish your opponent.  But there are a few permanents in almost every color that will help you sneak in bigger creatures.  This includes some of our favorite rampers along with some enchantments that can helps us control and surprise our enemy.

And, as always, you are a major part in our Brewery here.  So, if you see other possibilities in some of these BREWS, please join us in the comments, because, we are always a brewin’!  The brewin’ never stops in the Magic Tavern and part of what we are doing here is learning as much (or more) from you brewers out there than you learn from us. And remember before we go any farther that most of our builds are just fun kitchen table decks. Not many of us go to top tier, tournament winning, decks. These are meant to be competitive but nothing that will get you to the Mythic Championships.

NOW, BEFORE WE GET TO BREWIN’ there are a handful of cards that, to me, are crucial to LURRUS’s survival. Cards that will help you keep him on the battlefield. He really is a huge target and not hard to remove.

In BLACK, any return cards of any sort are helpful. 

Remember, enchantments allowed in the deck are re-playable as long as Lurrus stays on the battlefield; which is the hardest thing.  So, KAYA’S GHOSTFORM can continuously be placed on Lurrus from the graveyard guaranteeing your commanders longevity.

As for pure return cards, your best bet is the cheap disentomb but one of the best counter ramp is bringing Lurrus back to the battlefield with CALL OF THE DEEP DWELLER.  This way, not only do you get your commander back with its lifelink and it’s awesome grave-digging ability, but it adds deathtouch and menace to the mix. 

In WHITE, there’s not many real return cards.

But you can control your enemy with a few PACIFY or go with total exile with the GLASS CASKET.  Trapped in the tower is also good, but it’s a bit restricted with effecting only those without flying.  Two cards in white that are almost indispensable are LIGHT OF HOPE and FLICKER OF FATE.  The first is a terribly versatile card able to either add a +1/+1 counter, destroy an enchantment or you gain 4 life.  The counter can help bolster Lurrus.  Enchantment removal has almost become mandatory in building any deck of worth.  And white…lifegain…need I say more?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is thb-16-flicker-of-fate.png

FLICKER OF FATE is also an amazingly versatile card.  It allows you to flicker cards to redo their ETB (enter the battlefield) effects, but it can also save Lurrus from almost any removal.  You might want to keep one handy

I’ll talk more about the other color contributions as we go along. If you are ready to get striaght to our first brew, click here and jump right into it!

I’ve grown to like Lurrus, if not love it.  It’s harder to play to a win, but I like a good challenge.  As always, let me know in the comments if I’m missing something helpful!



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