For the Love of Lurrus: Dreadhorde Dreams

This brew was a continuance of a deck idea I watched on one of MERCHANT’S videos.  (Everyone is part of the Brew here on the Magic Tavern)  But I took it and made it my own. The color pair we will be looking at today: Black and Blue!

***Quick note, With the changing of how companions work we wanted to make sure and let you guys know that these decks were brewed before those changes took effect. Some of this info may have changed since they were made. Enjoy!***

I tried to pull from the strengths of both colors and, yet, it is not a Dimir deck.  I’m not big on that build and am not sure it would work well with Lurrus.

What attracted me to this build, in the first place, was the use of the enchantments, FROGIFY and KASMINA’S TRANSFORMATION.  I’ve always wanted to use them to set back my opponents deck and strategy by transforming pivotal creatures in their engines into 1/1 Frogs!

Now, real resilient, well-built deck will have answers to this, but some builds are just sent into a spin when you take a few of their important creatures out of the mix.  It especially confounds them when you shut down activations that their expecting to ramp their engine into victory.  It may mean you have to be patient.  A lot of times, I found myself transforming every creature that was cast.  My suggestion is to wait it out and take out only those whose activations will give you the most problems. 

Your creature mix includes a beavy of deathtouch mainstays like FOULMIRE KNIGHT, VAMPIRE OF THE NEW MOON and ORZHOV ENFORCER.

The third part to my FROG DREAMS deck is the inclusion of my zombie armies using many low mana black and blue cards to rise a mighty army!  As always, if you are amassing counters of any sort, the OZOLITH becomes crutial.  That way, they can kill all the armies they want and you can pass the counters on to LURRUS.

As always, KAYA’S GHOSTFORM for protection and CALL OF THE DEEP DWELLER for return is crucial.

So, What do you guys think about this one? Think we missed anything or need to take a few things out? How do you feel about the change to the companion mechanic? Let us know in the comments! Until next time, stay safe and enjoy trhe brew!

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