For the Love of Lurrus: Life Dreams


This one is a pure white build and uses one of my favorite mechanics; LIFEGAIN

***Quick note, With the changing of how companions work we wanted to make sure and let you guys know that these decks were brewed before those changes took effect. Some of this info may have changed since they were made. Enjoy!***

It has all the usual suspects.  Adjani’s Pridemate.  Impassioned Orator.  Daxos, Blessed of the Sun.

Add to this classic build the Charming Prince for life gain or flicker and the Savannah Sage, and the life just keeps on building. 

You can use FLICKER OF FATE to pull Lurrus out if things get hairy.  You can also add all the classic enchantments to build up Lurrus past the point of Shock, Fire Prophecy or Lava Coil.  I also dropped Unbreakable Formation in to protect Lurrus with INDESTRUCTABLE

Not my favorite build, because it doesn’t depend of Lurrus much.  It’s cool to bring back almost everything from the deck.  But it can win without a companion.  I should consider that a positive, but it just seems to be a waste of time even dropping Lurrus in here.

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