For the Love of Lurrus: Damage Dreams

***Quick note, With the changing of how companions work we wanted to make sure and let you guys know that these decks were brewed before those changes took effect. Some of this info may have changed since they were made. Enjoy!***


I started this brew with a RAKDOS mindset.  I mean, RED/BLACK…obvious, right?

But I added the Cauldron Cat/Witch’s Oven combo to keep a cycle of damage and maybe build the Blood Aspirant with every sacrifice. This combo not only is highly effective even against heavy hitters.  I mean, as long as you can sacrifice the cat, you can block anything.

You could add any instant and sorcery to do major damage, if you wish.  I’m fond of the low cost, main-stay hitters like Shock, Fire Prophecy and Lava Coil.  I like anything that does damage like the Scorch Spitters, footlight fiend and the Serrated Scorpion.  And the fact that you can keep bringing both of those back with Lurrus is all bonus.

You could add a Calvacade of Calamities or two with so many 1/1 creatures or a Finale of Promise for a big finisher. 

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