Who is Basri Ket?

So, just like everyone else I’ve been watching the Core Set 2021 previews like crazy. The first thing i noticed was Mangara (which if you haven’t seen is in the article we posted a few days ago. Click here for that one!) But next on my list was the brand new planeswalker, Basri Ket. With the name I knew almost for sure that he had to come from Amonket and that led to so many different questions that led me to here. Trying to figure out who Basri Ket is and why is he just joining us now?

First let’s start with his cards. There are two versions floating around. One that you can pull from packs and one that will come in the themed planeswalker decks with the launch of M21. With the deck version there are 3 cards the previewed with him that gives us a little more insight in just who he is. During the M21 variety show (about minute 35 into the show) they mentioned in passing that he was a follower of Oketra, one of the gods killed after Nicol Bolas and War of the Spark. She was the goddess of solidarity. This is interesting because his planeswalker card labels him as a paladin. So going by DND 5e rules would mean that even though his god is dead, as long as his devotion to his oath stands, his abilities would remain.

“Basri’s Aegis” has the flavor text of “As long as we survive, we can rebuild” said by Basri himself. This leads me to believe that he was a high ranking member in her followers and is now trying to pick up the pieces left behind from the Hour of Devastation and Nicol Bolas creating his zombie army. Much like the aegis, the “Adherent of Hope” says “Basri has shown me the way forward, and i will follow.” This only reinforces the idea that Basri Ket is the new leader, at least for this “crop”.

In Amonket each god had a trial that they would put people through. An initiate who undergoes a trial is awarded a Cartouche upon its completion. The God-Pharaoh teaches that this record of the initiate’s achievements preserves the initiate’s essence, safeguarding their life force for the journey to the afterlife. Oketra’s trail was not one that could be done alone. She put people into “crops” that must succeed together or fail together. This is what build Basri Ket’s leadership skills and ability to propel a group to new heights.

With him now being a planeswalker, did the act of pulling his people back together cause his spark to ignite bringing him into contact with Teferi? Was he already a planeswalker and went looking for Teferi? Him being intertwined with the master of time is interesting to me for numerous reasons. I believe he is going on a journey to bring back what was taken from him and his people. I believe he is looking for Teferi to help him rewind the sands of time. Could they bring back a god? Guess we will have to wait and see.

:: Update ::

This article was written on 6/5 before wizards had given us new info so I decided to come back and relay some of the new info that we have learned! First of all, his spark ignited during the Trial of Solidarity for his goddess Oketra. He and his crop had just overcome the enemies and as he grabbed the arrow Oketra had shot at the other end of the arena. He took this with him but it was all he had left of his home plane.

After trying to figure out what was happening to him, he finally makes his way back to Amonkhet only to find his home destroyed and his goddess dead. All at the hands of Nicol Bolas during the hour of devastation. In this moment he was distraught but decided just because his goddess was dead, did not mean that her teachings and the values he held dear were as well. He devoted himself to spreading her teachings and helping rebuild his home. After everything he was still the devoted paladin!

**If you’d still like to read even more about him feel free to click here and read more!**

So until next time, leave a comment and tell me what you think about the new planeswalker Basri Ket. Any ideas on what his story may include? I can’t wait to hear some of your ideas. Thanks again for stopping by!

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