For the Love of Lurrus: Sky Dreams

***Quick note, With the changing of how companions work we wanted to make sure and let you guys know that these decks were brewed before those changes took effect. Some of this info may have changed since they were made. Enjoy!***


I am highly fond of Azorius builds.  I like the combo of life gain, flyers and card draw.  But the usual flyers like Tome Raider, Cloudkin Seer, Elite Gaurdmage and Dream Trawler are just too big for a Lurrus deck. 

I wanted to steer clear of the lifegain since I leaned heavily upon it in the mono-white deck.  But you could totally add some Healer Hawks to have some one drops.  What I went with is an enchantment heavy deck with rampers like Indomitable Will, Will of the All Hunter and even Staggering Insight (even though I just now said I didn’t want to go LifeLink…I just love this card).

The real pivitol enchantment is STARLIT MANTLE.  But you have to be careful how you and when you use it.  Sure it ramps a +1/+1, but its real punch is in the sudden protection of HEXPROOF.  Unfortunately, it only lasts  till end of turn, so play it when Lurrus is absolutely out of options against removal and restriction cards.  And, the added bonus is that Lurrus can pull it out of the graveyard any time.  Just pick your spots.

In all White Lurrus decks, you should have at least one Shatter the Sky in case things get out of hand.  A good board wipe for a restart is always a good thing.

The main generals of this deck are the SKYCAT SOVERIGN which ramps with every flyer on the field.  This card can also create more flyers.  Add to this group rampers like Coordinated Charge and Unbreakable Formation and, especially, RALLY OF WINGS and you should have a formidable offense.  However, I found this to be one of the worse builds and far too vulnerable.

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