The Brewery: Mono Red Aggro (Standard)

When I first got back into Magic I gravitated back to my favorite color and went straight to mono red decks. After looking around online and watching numerous streams of people playing them, this deck was built. It started as a mix of a few different ideas given from different people but now, it is a creation all my own. So let’s look through it.

The main objective of the deck is to be as fast as possible and rack up as much damage as you can before your opponent can get their engine set up. This deck has a little bit of staying power due to all the removal in it but it is not built for the long game.

The main way we make sure and do as much damage as possible is using the tride and true, Cavalcade of Calamity. It deals a point of damage for every attacking creature with a power of 1 or less. So to make sure this engine is working on all cylinders we need a ton of small creatures that will net us as many triggers as it can every turn. And as speed is king, we need as many of them to have haste as possible. * of our creatures are 1/1 with haste but also serve some other purpose. Torch Courier is very helpful in the late game. You can sac him to give another creature haste, making one of our bombs even better.

Speaking of bombs, let’s talk about the cards that can come in and win us the game! Chandra’s spitfire is one of them. This card comes in as a 1/3 but gets a +3/+0 for every time the oppenent is hit with noncombat damage. Yes, that means with every hit of Cavalcade it gets +3 to its power and yes, it itself trigger the cavalcade when it attacks. They can easily get you 10/3 in the air with only 3 attacking creatures and thanks to the torch courier, it can come out of no where. Of course Torbran will help us do 1 more damage from every red source, which is the entire deck. And if the spitfire isn’t strong enough? Throw an Embercleave on it and end it quickly!

This deck has many avenues it can take to deal massive amounts of damage early in the game. Keeping slower decks and control decks responding to every move you make, instead of them getting to dictate the pace of the game. Mono red is a staple in most standard enviroments and this one is no different. Give the deck a try and let me know what you think?

As with all of our brews we want to know what you would add or take out? Do any of the cards in this deck seem unnecessary to you? Leave a comment or find us on Twitter and let’s talk it out. Here at the Magic Tavern, we are all apart of the brew.

Until next time!

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