For the Love of Lurrus: Teamwork makes the Dream work

***Quick note, With the changing of how companions work we wanted to make sure and let you guys know that these decks were brewed before those changes took effect. Some of this info may have changed since they were made. Enjoy!***


When approaching the Green/White Lurrus build, it seemed obvious to go for the army mentality.  But I started with some sneaky green creatures with X in the mana cost.  As long as there are no more than two mana cost besides the X, you can have it in a Lurrus deck making Ivy Elemental, Steelbane Hydra and Voracious Hydra surprise heavy hitters that no one expects in a Lurrus deck.

I added a bit of blue to play the Hydroid Hydra along with Repudiate//Replicate.

I added the ALMIGHTY BUSHWAGG for its innate ramp ability along with Emmara, Soul of the Accord to make more tokens.  Classic G/W cards like Pledge of Unity, Flower//Flourish and Assure//Assemble to grow mana and ramp your menions.

Many of the cards I’ve been using in White are effective here.  Light of Hope…Pacify…Shatter the Sky.  Add the low level enchantments like Sentinel Eyes that can keep coming back with or without Lurrus.

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