Deck Tech: You had me at Tinybones

So this year has been full of set releases, new cards, awesome reprints, and so much else in the MTG world that there are a few little things that slip under the radar. There have been a few new legends that look like they would make good commander in EDH, but this one, this one takes the cake for me.

Tinybones, Trinket Thief is are new legend in the Jumpstart set that is coming soon. His text made me automatically think of a commander deck built around stripping your opponents of their cards and once they have no options to fight back, we use his ability to start draining them one opponent at a time. Now I do understand that this type of deck may cause a few people to get upset with you so I have intentionally made it a budget to deck to stop it from being as powerful as possible. This deck, all cards included, will cost you just under $50 but probably less because a lot of these are cards you probably have lying around.

First off, if you want to just dig through the deck list, you can do that by clicking here to check out out TappedOut page. The main focus on the deck as we said was around making our opponents discard as many cards as we can on as many different turns as we can. This fuels the engines that our enchantments have put in place. We have 4 enchantments in the deck that will hurt our opponents for every card they discard or if they fall below a certain number of cards in hand. On top of this slow death, them having no answers due to having no hand, leaves us open to attack most opponents at will and most of our creatures…you guessed it… makes them discard more cards or gains us life. With our built in card draw engine it should be smooth selling for us.

Make sure to check out the link above to get a detailed look at the deck and let us know what you think. You can leave a comment there or here or even find us at the social media links at the top of the page. We love hearing your guys ideas and thoughts. Until next time!

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