A few M21 thoughts

With the official release set for this today, it may be a little too early to give our thoughts on the set but after staying up till 3 AM cracking packs and prerelease packs at home with BDC and Panda a few things just hit me. A few things that I wondered if anyone else felt. So let’s get into it.

When Ikoria dropped it was very exciting to me. This was a brand new plane and there was so much new lore to be discovered and read on. Granted the book was not the most exciting, but it was still a whole new world to get used to. It had giant monsters, a new and exciting land base, new mechanics that I personally loved. It was a home run for me.

Then the previews for M21 came out and I did what I always do, I got excited for the set and all the great cards. There are some really good reprints, some new cards that looked fun to brew with, and plenty more. But, before I could even enjoy the cards in my hand they began to preview JumpStart as well. Now that set looks like something that will be a ton of fun to play with. It brings a new way to play, even for people that have been playing for years. Buy two packs, smack them together, and have fun. Easy enough and not to mention the tribes they are bringing with it. By the time I was cracking packs of M21 all I wanted to pull was a Tiny Bones…

Then double masters is coming in not long after all this. I think it was just a case of to many irons in the fire at once ( More coming on that in the weeks to come) There were so many product and so many things I was excited for that once I pulled the few cards from M21 that I was wanting for my personal decks everything else just kinda melded together. The draft we did was fun but now that all that is done, not sure what else I really want to do with the set. Again I find myself just thinking to JumpStart and Double Masters.

I figure that I can not be the only one that feels this way. Yes there are plenty of cards that I will slot into my EDH and standard decks but there was nothing that really jumped out at me. Nothing that story wise really caught my eye. Basri Ket was about the closest thing but once I did my “deep dive” into that, I was just kind of wondering through the set.

What in this new set got you excited? Do you find yourself in the same place as me? Let us know on social media or in the comments below. Until next time!

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