EDH Decktech: Dino Stompy Stomp

Who doesn’t love a good stompy deck? These dinos came to play and they do a great job at it. Mana ramp, get the heard out, control the board. Easy enough. Nothing too fancy here, but it can be a power house at the table. While this is a Naya deck, it is Gruul in its play style. Pumping out dinos and just using them to keep the board cleared. This will draw you plenty of attention from the other 3 players but if this engine gets running there isn’t much, besides boardwipes, that they can do to stop the stampede. Click here to see the full deck tech before we get into it a little more.

I usually run Gishath as the commander, but you could just as easily run Zacama if you feel like it. The main reason I play Gishath is his ability to just ramp the number of dinosuars on the field instantly. If you can bring him out and one opponent has no creatures to block, it could be a blow out by the next turn. The chance at up to 7 more creatures for free is just insane.

There is not a ton of removal in the deck but that is due to the number of fight cards in the deck and the abilities of some of the dinos themselves. They help keep the field down and protect your life total with the best of them.

The one thing that could cause you problems is not drawing enough lands and getting mana screwed. This makes it hard to cast your high CMC cards and leads to a bad time, but not to fear, there are over 10 cards in the deck to ramp you. It’s a bit heavy and in some games feels like getting flooded but with an 8 CMC commander, it’s worth it.

This deck isn’t built to be a power level of 8 or higher but it can still hold its own. With the entire deck being under $100, there is a lot of ways to upgrade it and pump that power level up. Let me know what you think in the comments below. What would you add to power it up? Thanks for taking the time to read it. Until next time!

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