DM’s Travel Guide: The Krakens Hook

Welcome to our new series here at The Magic Tavern. With this series we will bring you all sorts of fun, and some times dangerous, places for you to throw into your RPG games. Some will be bars where your PC’s can round up some quest while some may be a haunted ancient ruin, the epic end to an adventure. These articles should give you just enough information to take and run with. While there may be some full adventures using these places coming in the future, we leave a lot of things vague so you can take it and fit it into any world. So have fun! This week is a pretty normal looking tavern from first glance but there is more just beneath the surface. Welcome to the Krakens Hook.

Walking down the port side of the town all you can smell is the salt from the ocean and the fish from the days catch. There are all types of people coming and going from the docks. Rich looking captains down to the roughest of pirates. There seems to be no town guard on this side of town but everything seems to be safe and on the up and up. As you continue to walk there is one building that stands out from the rest. It is impossible to miss due to the massive, real seeming, Krakens head smashed on the front of a 3 story building. The look is more than impressive and leaves most seeing it for the first time in a blank stare. The sounds coming from just inside the door is a mix of yelling and cheering. In your mind you know it can only be one thing, a bar!

Walking into the first level of the bar brings a sight that most adventurers are used to seeing and may make you feel right at home. To the more “good” aligned party, it may seem a little unruly and may get you few stares from the patrons but many just go back to doing what they were doing before. The floor is noticeably covered in a thin layer of water, mainly from all the people coming straight from the ships into this bar. Behind the U shaped bar at the back of the room stands a rather large half orc barking orders at what you assume are the waitresses and staff coming in and out of the door to the left of the bar, most likely a kitchen/storage area. Talking with him will get the party some basic information about the docks and maybe some of the inner workings of the city, especially for some coin. He has little time for nonsense so do not test his patience.

At some point the party should see a rather large group come in through the front doors and, once the 4-5 well armed pirates walk into the room, they are followed by a tall, slender man. His skin gives off a soft blue hue and his hair seems to be dripping wet all the time. Once he steps foot into the bar, it would become a bit quieter than before. Many looking to the man are tipping their hats or nodding. After asking around, the party would be able to figure out that his name is Captain Jai. If they can find a rather drunk or talkative patron, they may even be able to find out that he is the leader of the Pirate group the bar takes it’s name from for this is not just your average bar, this is the home base for his group when they are not at sea.

If the group is feeling brave, they can try to walk upstairs while the bar is full. They will be watched heavily and, if they do not turn back at the top of the stairs, there will be 4-5 pirates following swiftly. The top two floors are the barracks for those not out at sea. There is a good chance that there would be a few awake and wondering who the intruders were.

There are roughly 20-30 well armed and trained pirates in the bar at most times and even more that are under his command in the port. There is no town guard because they are the law on this end of the town. They will not bother the city past the docks but here, he might as well be king.

Now, where you take this is up to you. Do they align themselves with the pirates and work under the Captain for some quick rewards? Do they decide that this injustice can not stand and that the docks should not be controlled by pirates? There are a hundred different ways that you could use this and the numbers for Captain Jai and his crew have been left out so it can fit whatever level your group is and what kind of threat you would like them to be. Again, feel free to take the maps below and tailor this to fit into your game.

If you do decide to use it make sure and find us on social media (links at the top right of the page) and let us know how it went. How did the Krakens Hook make an impact in your world? Thank you for taking the time to read this and make sure to come back and find a completely new place to visit next time!

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