Hello all and welcome to a special edition of CHARACTER REFERENCE!

Now, this entry spawned from two things.

The first thing that birthed this small piece of insanity was a question of multiclassing.  The group had a long, meandering discussion about the pluses and minus’s of taking on more than one class across the life of the character. 

Out of this, Panda, our resident incessant character creator, started spinning the wheels of optimization.  His quandary was simple.  What if you multi-classed in the four major spellcasting classes of Sorcery, Wizardry, Druidry and Clerical (and in that order)?  What comes next is the chaotic offspring.

Meet Olzira (pronounced Alzeera) Roren.   She is an ambitious half-elf who has had the calling of an ancient power her whole life.  Using the Psionic soul (sorcerous origin) either she was born in the lair of a Sapphire Dragon or drank from a sacred pool or stream.   This or any other event you can homebrew or pull from the UA linked her to something primordial; something older than the Archfey. 

(One important takeaway from whatever PSIONIC ORIGIN you take or make is a gem or pearl that will be used as you spell focus both as sorcerer and wizard)

This link manifested itself as natural magic.  Beginning as a still small voice, this ancient power lit her mind ablaze.  Along with a handful of psionic abilities, magic erupted from within her.  What bothered her was the fact that, after 5 levels of Sorcerer, she was no closer to understanding anything about the power that bestowed this blessing upon her.

So Olzira decided to take a more studied approach.  She found an enclave of wizards who had studied extensively in the school of psionics (See the LINK).   But soon (5 levels later), she found that even the scholarly pursuits would only get her so close to the power that had so shaped her life.

Through her studies, however, she came to realize that the studied, civilized world only had so much in their libraries about it.  What it did tell her was that to find this influencing power, she would have to go back to nature.

Traveling deep into the wild, she came under the care of a group of druids that also had been touched by this unknown power.  Calling themselves the CIRCLE OF THE EARTHMIND, they helped her commune with, not only her own mind, but the voice of the ancient that predated the nature of this world and MAY have predated the ARCHFEY themselves.

This 5 level exercise brought her to a meeting with a primordial power that may have been the progenitor of the Fey.  A godlike power, this precursor to the Seelie and Unseelie courts has reached from beyond creation to bring you into service and become a representative of an entity long forgotten yet ready to make itself known to your world.  This entity defies name or gender and can represent itself in any form.  Simply called THE FIRST, this voice that once spoke to her in whispers now becons to her in shouts.  Olzira now stands as a priest and cleric of the first order in what is hoped to be a long line of devotees that will raise temples and turn a world back to its roots.

PANDA did the footwork, as always, on this character reference.   He put the numbers together and explained to me the mechanics of multi-classing (although to this extent, I’m still getting my head around it).  But I, being the writer and lore mage of the group, tried to make sense of it all. 

Always be mindful of the slots available here

SO, four classes, five levels each in perfect progression: being Sorcerer, Wizard, Druid and Cleric.  At first, I told PANDA no one would EVER want this.  But, as always, the gears began to turn and my mind would notlet me rest till I made this more of a reality.  I thought it was much too complicated to just give you numbers and say, “good luck”.  I had to flesh this out and make some sense to it.  And the aforementioned lore was my answer.

As usual, feel free to use this as you will.  The ‘god’ that is the end all could be anything fey like the queens of the Seelie or Unseelie court.  But, dealing with clerics and gods, I thought something more powerful and ancient was in order.  Call this power what you like, It’s a combination of nature, creator god and Psionic primordial.  It’s not on anyone’s radar and would be great for an evangelical push especially for Elves and Half-Elves.  It could be a coming home and reordering of the mindset as with one hand he is seen as an elven all power and, on the other, he is seen as a unifying figure among the Fey.

I think this kind of character would be great to play from first to twentieth level as they take a journey of enlightenment and understanding not only of the pecking order among elven powers, but their own soul and that of their people.  A DM could also talk a character into starting this blind to find what power is touching their character’s life.  I just think the whole idea sounds fun.



This gives your character proficiency in RELIGION and INSIGHT.

RACE:  Well, although you can go for any race, elf or half-elf would be best if you go for a FEY primordial.

Half-Elf is optimal for it gives your character Proficiencies in NATURE and PERSUASION while also giving you +2 in Charisma (starting in Sorcerer, remember) and +1 in two others (Panda suggests Wisdom for the Druid and Intelligence for the Wizard).

Ambition and Devotion are Olzira’s ideals but you be you.

As a Sorcerer, at first level, your character can pick two other proficiencies.  PANDA went with INTIMIDATE and DECEPTION.  To me, this may be too much on the tricky end although a cleric, down the road, with intimidate would be good.

For your SORCEROUS ORIGIN, a great choice is PSIONIC SOUL from UA.  For the DM or the player that doesn’t want the complications that comes with psionics, this piece of flavor can easily be altered.

For your ARCANE TRADITION, we decided on the SCHOOL OF PSIONICS.  Although Wizards of the Coast later recanted this subtype, I think we can make it work.

The DRUIDIC CIRCLE is up for discussion.  PANDA went with the CIRCLE OF THE SHEPHERD.  But, I will suggest looking into a homebrew I found called CIRCLE OF THE WORLDMIND.

And, finally, once your character gets to the point at level 15 that they realize that they should be kneeling to a god, as a cleric, they will take on the domains of knowledge and magic.  You could possibly make PSIONICS a domain or the mind.  If you do, send us a copy.  We’d be glad to see what you’ve done.

You should take all of the ability score improvements you can get as to optimize as much as possible; always keeping in mind the next step.  Luckily, they come at all the right times (almost),  Fifth level, use it to bump your Intelligence if necessary.  Ninth, make sure Wisdom is up to grade.  Fourteenth, whatever needs buffing.  But, as a beginning sorcerer, you should make sure your Charisma is your highest ability.  At nineteenth level or anytime before, you may want to take the ALERT feat to protect you from those high-level rogues.

Approaching Psionics in 5E, I believe, doesn’t overpower a character as most of it is simply adding a few spells as natural, psionic based.  Some of the homebrew information I shared may have to be nerfed a little, but you will have to do some editing here to make it suit your needs anyways.

See the character sheet for Olzira at 20th level HERE…

Good luck and let us know what changes or different directions you’d take with a character like this!!

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