EDH Deck Tech: Goblin Peek-A-Boo


After being able to add in Muxxus, Taunter, and The Snoop from M21 and Jumpstart to this deck, things are a bit different. The deck becomes much more of a token/out number deck than it already was. With the right land drops you can easily get Muxxus ( Running as the commander now) out turn 5/6 and cause absolute chaos with the right luck. Getting the board full early and quick is the best way to victory and it becomes less about politics and more about making deals with oppenents over who you are going to crush first. The deck is much more up my aggro ally now. I loved it before, but oh boy does it fly now!! Enjoy!

With the two awesome new goblins in Core Set 2021 I thought it was about time I shared my goblin EDH deck with you guys! I have loved goblins for a long time. Every since I first started playing DnD long ago. When I started building EDH decks it was an easy choice on which one had to come first. I built this deck as a casual and fun deck and this is still one of my favorites. They are fast, They are fun, and man can they be annoying! So let’s check out some of key pieces of the deck. (Click here to see the full deck list)

The main point is to get as many goblins out as possible and pump them as much as you can. You have the Goblin General to pump all your goblins, the coat of arms and vanquishers banner to do the same, and from there it’s just about picking your spots. This deck is honestly about politics and making sure that you are safe until the time is right.

One of the man ways I like to use to make deals is by getting rid of artifacts and lands that are annoying other players to gain their favor. With much of a huge treat on the board you’d be surprised how often this works. Then the finishing blow is usually using Kiki Jiki to copy some of the better goblins on the field will also help you pump up goblins for one big swing.

Remember, they are goblins and always looking out for number one. Use your cards to the best of your ability to make “friends” and sneak your way to the end. Kill what you can, when you can, and just maybe you’ll find your self in the winners circle in the end.

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