Bard Option: College of Stillsong

Article by BDC and development of College by BDC and PANDA

A couple of days ago, I dropped an article on D&D’s FORGOTTEN GODS OF THE SKIES. In the spirit of this study, I started development on a bard college for one of them. Stillsong is an enigmatic power. None of its priests or devotees know Stillsongs rhyme or reason. It is hinted that some gods may understand it more and work in unison to its plans. But even they will not divulge anything that they do know.

What we do know is that Stillsong’s ways are peaceful and unifying. Most the powers exhibited are entrancing, enhance hope into allies and fear into ones enemies. Stillsong also displays the spells Holy Word for healing and Globe of Invulnerability and Timestop.

There is also an elemental nature to this power. It is also suggested that Stillsong has gone through several elemental ‘manifestations’.

As stated in the previous article, the official references for Stillsong and a great number of other winged sky gods is MONSTER MYTHOLOGY (1992) and PLANES OF CONFLICT (1995). But I found a nice write up on Stillsong, Syranita and Remnis, the god of giant eagles on an informative blog though that could help you flesh it out.

This is not all official, but some good stuff.

Check this out and give me feedback. As I’ve stated before, you are as much a part of the homebrewing process as we are and we value your input.

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