Standard: In Memorium (NIV MIZZET PARUN)

(Things I will miss)

Well, strangely enough, this is my first actual renewal season.  I played some casual back when Amonkhet came out, but never got serious into it until last year.  So, this is all a bit strange to me.  But I decided to jump in with both feet this time and ride the tide wherever it takes me.  Doesn’t make it any less strange. 

On top of that, I’ve gotten heavily into Arena.  Riding the ups and down of the meta, the current changes with the wind.  But therein lies the challenge.  Like riding a bucking bronco, if you’re going to jump on, you’re going to have to ride the whole 8 seconds.  And that’s what I intend to do.

So here we are.  Facing another renewal season.  And where you veterans coast along like this is same-ole same-ole, I’m having to adjust with the thousands of other who are also facing it for the first time.  And, whether newb or old school, there are cards, decks and mechanics that you are going to miss.

What follows is a personal memorium of some of the cards that I will miss.  I’m sure I’m not alone.

Missin’ the Niv

We all have our favorite cards.  Their usually one that leads the way to the most wins.  But there are those cards that we simply enjoy to play.  Mine was as is Niv-Mizzet Parun.

Early on, I found enjoyment in playing two different types of decks: Life gain and card draw.  And contrary to most current wisdom, I played both in my favorite deck.  And that deck, also contrary to current wisdom/meta, won quite a bit; taking me to diamond more than once.  All that time, I could have copied down a net deck and ran to Mythic.  But I decided early on to try some original deck ideas.  Try things I enjoyed.

SO, in this life gain/card draw deck I ran Jeskai colors and Niv Mizzet was one of the biggest cards in it.  This deck was so versatile, switching from a card draw deck with lots of Krakens thanks to the OMINOUS SEAS to massively ramping life gain with Ajani’s Pridemate, Gideon’s company and a few Ajani and Gideon planeswalkers.  It seemed, for a while, to keep my opponent on their heels.

Niv Mizzet Parun was the pinnacle of the card draw mechanic.  I loved the ability to bombard my opponent without endangering my creature with an outright attack.  Couple this with Irencrag Pryomancer and you have an outright meteor storm.  The fact that Niv was a 5/5 flyer didn’t hurt either.  But, full disclosure, Niv was not central to the deck’s success.  It became a cool surprise that tended to further send my opponent reeling.

I went on to build some moderately successful Niv-Mizzet Perun centric decks. 



Niv is dead in the story and soon to be dead in Standard…Long live the NIV

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