EDH Deck Tech: Casual Mizzix!

So for this deck tech I decided to do something a little different! I finally got my hands on Mizzix of the Izmagnus. Fun side note, this is the card that got me into commander. I was watching a video from the guys over at The Command Zone and josh brought up this commander. I have always loved Goblins (If you didn’t know this, go check out my Goblin EDH deck tech from last month!) and UR is one of my favorite color pairs. It was a match made in heaven but I never could seem to find one. Yes, I could have ordered one off the internet but that just took the fun of the hunt out of it. Well, this weekend I happened upon one and knew that I had to write this article.

Now before we get into it too deep, please keep in mind that A) this deck is meant to be a casual deck and not a fully powered up power house (Which it can be) and B) I did this deck with the cards I had on hand. I wanted it to truly feel like building decks back in the day. Digging through the cards I already owned and see what I could make. So as I started to dig I noticed one theme that would work well with Mizzix helping to sling a ton of spells, and that was Prowess. The main goal of the deck is to work your way into a major explosive turn. A turn were we cast multiple spells, doing massive damage, and then using our pumped up creatures to finish off the deal. We have plenty of removal and counter spells to keep the board where we like it and hopefully the ability to make it easier for us to finally end the game!

So here’s the link for the tapped out page so you can see the full deck list. Click here for that! Below there will be some cards that I am looking to add to this but just didn’t have them while building it. In the comments or on social media I would love to see where you would take it from here. If you have some ideas for pumping it up a little, let me know! I don’t need comments telling me how if I changed the deck to something completely different that it would be more powerful, but just some ideas on the base I’ve already made is more than welcome!

The first one on the list is the Storm Wing Entity. It may not seem like much but a flyer that can be pumped up round after round and get in for damage is definitely something and the Scry doesn’t hurt. The Abbot of Keral Keep is another good one. It’s impulsive card draw on top of the prowess. With Mizzix going, hopefully it would be something easily cast for not a ton of mana. Teleportal could be an absolute game ender in the right moment. Being able to overload it and pump all your creatures even more and then them all being unblockable could be a total blow out! That would be one of the main things I would add, more ways to make my creatures unblockable and get in for a ton of damage all at once!

What about you? What would you add? What are you thoughts on this deck built, especially for one built and posted mainly to be more casual. Let me know in the comments and let’s talk brews! Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you like it make sure to CLICK HERE to follow us on facebook and stay updated with all our deck techs, DnD home brew stuff, and story/lore hooks!

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