D&D in Zendikar: Ranger Archtype Lineslinger

Akiri, Kor resident of Zendikar, is a survivor of a dreaded, apocalyptic event.  Eldritch horrors known to them as the Eldrazi razed their world; crushing nearly all forms of civilization.  Her and her people carry the inner scars of the turmoil.  Rebuilding is ongoing. 

She has attached herself to one of the many Expeditionary Houses on this plane named and stationed at the rebuilt SEA GATE.  It is here she remembers making her stand; where the survivors made their stand.  It has made them stronger, resilient and defying death to its very face.  She is the symbol of the hope of the future tainted with the pain of the past.

(For more info see the STORY section @ Wotc’s magic website)

Akiri is a guide and professional adventurer.  She knows the dangers and terrain of the area around Sea Gate and puts her life in danger everyday.  FEARLESS is the best descriptor for this avid warrior.

Her specialty is line slinging; a tactic of traversing the many cliffs, mountainous terrain and even ascending the skyclaves.  It is an X-games version of rock climbing and repelling that takes a strong hand and a flexible and agile state of balance. 

Your character is more at home taking the higher ground; be it cliffs, trees or buildings. Your aim is better with ranged weapons and seems to get better the farther you are from a target. You are more apt to climb to a better vantage point and assault any enemy from there. If necessary, you can abandon your distance and descend upon an enemy to save a friend.

MTG art by Denman Rooke


When you take on this archtype at 3rd level, you again proficiency in two skills: Acrobatics and either Survival or Nature.


When you choose this archetype at 3rd level you get mountains as a favored terrain if you do not already have it.  In addition, you gain advantage on all Knowledge checks dealing with animals. Fauna and flora of the mountains.

At 3rd level, you gain a climbing speed equal to your normal movement speed and have advantage on any strength or dexterity checks that relate to climbing.  You also gain advantage on ranged attacks made from, at least, 30 feet above an opponent and gain a +1 dexterity bonus to AC from this distance also.

Cliffhaven sell sword by Jason Rainville


At 7th level, while climbing you can use your action to cast a spell or attack with a ranged/thrown weapon once per turn but not making use of your Extra Attack feat. You also gain advantage to saving throws against being knocked prone or pushed back unless it’s from a spell effect as well as gaining advantage to athletic/acrobatic checks to land from a drop of, at most, 30 feet.  Every level above 7th adds 5 feet to this advantage.


At 11th level, you may use an action to make a ranged attack against any number of creatures within 10 feet of a point you can see within range of your weapon.  You must have the ammunition too make the attack, of course, and you make separate attack rolls for each target.

You may also use a reaction to distract an opponent who is attacking another teammate giving them disadvantage on that attack.  You may use this a number of times equal to your dexterity modifier per long rest.

#MTG art by David Gaillet

Death Plunge

At 15th level, you learn to up the ante with dangerous offensive and defensive aerial maneuvers.  You can use an action to risk life and limb to either protect a teammate or attack an enemy.

Using this action to attack, you make a melee attack when descending upon an enemy from at least 10 feet.  You make this attack at advantage and, if you hit with the attack, you add what falling damage you would take to the attack damage.  If you fail, you take half falling damage.

As a reaction to an attack on an ally, if you are at least 10 feet above, you may swing in to attempt to negate or take the damage on the attack.  You make a dexterity save vs the attack roll, if you succeed, you negate the damage.  If you don’t, you take it.  You can do this a number of times equal to your dexterity modifier.

Part of the inspiration for this came from a ‘mountaineer’ subclass I found on The Homebrewery.

This a work in progress. I would love your input. Won’t call myself a professional at this, but this is part of the learning process. We would like your input here or on our facebook page (search themagictavern) Come brew with us.

Maybe there can be a variant for the Bladeslinger?

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