Healing Zendikar: Lore Discussion Pt 2

This week we got part two of the lore for #ZendikarRising and, I have to say, things are getting interesting. We find that what happened in the cinematic trailer was a real spoiler. So, before you read this, I suggest you go to #Wotc #MTG story page and read the two entries. It will also be informative to read the ‘side stories’ section to learn more about Akiri and Zareth.

So, let’s get into the action.

Nahiri is determined to raid the skyclave in Marusa using info she read from the walls in the last edisode. She arrives at Sea Gate before Nissa and Jace and cuts to the chase; not letting any time waste. Nahiri is, as always the most focused planeswalker around and more stubborn than most. She’s dealing with guilt and loss on a grand scale. And, as with most people dealing with such, she’s looking for a way to repay a debt. In this case, she’s trying to restore Zendikar.

Nahiri put up the money to start the Sea Gate Expeditionary House filled with adventurers and guides of all types. Here, she finds four able bodies for the task ahead. Obviously, these four are the Archetype for the party system that #MTG introduced with this set.

These four are Akiri, the Kor Linesliinger/Warrior, Kaza, the Human Wizard, Zareth, the Merfolk Rogue and Orah, the Kor Cleric.. Each has their own LEGENDARY card although I’m not sure these four could work in a ‘party’ deck.

This comment by Zereth, the Trickster, is telling. They both know what comes next. Civilization will grow. Things will change. People will jockey for power. It will no longer be the survival of all. It will be the greed of the few. Cities need strongholds and military garrisons. And these mean soldiers. And soldiers means conflict. How could this come up unless, somewhere in their history, the people of Zendikar experienced war. Which makes the almost childish view of Nahiri seem blaring. She’s been around a long time and, yet, she seems to have a one dimensional view of the history of Zendikar.

Nahiri keeps saying she wants to get things back to the way they were before the Eldrazi. But she has this ‘Pollyana’ view of it; like it was paradise. But ruins of sky cities and new stories of domination, rebellion, civil war and conflict between mortals and the Roil itself speak a different story. And Nahiri, using the ancient technology of the Skyclaves who are the center of ALL of these conflicts,may be about to make the biggest mistake of her long life.

I mentioned the fact that there were no more gods left in Zendikar in my last article. Following Akiri around, we find this may not be the case. All of the peoples of this land have a powerful connection to the land. And most of their view on gods are connected to this relationship. Even the gods who have since been proved false were connected to the wind, sea and land. But the treasonous acts of the Eldrazi have not broken the spirits of the Kor and the other people who call this plane home. Akiri and many others seem to be experimenting again with the idea that Zendikar may yet answer their prayers.

“From the corner of her eye, she saw something move. She tensed, turned, and spotted a dark spot swelling under one of the nearby trees, right where Nahiri had used the key. It looked like a tentacle of black sand. It grew slowly, twisting its way around the trunk, withering leaves, branches, and bark, transforming them into something rigid and unmovable.

Like stone.”

From the second episode on the STORY page of Wizards of the Coast MTG

Obviously, Nahiri is dabbling in things that is going down another dark road. She’s headstrong and stubbborn and out to ‘FIX’ Zendikar. The only problem is that, in the process of ‘healing zendikar’, she may end up killing it.

Love reading the lore and speculating. But it would be even better if you would let us know what you think about the story and give us your ideas. Lay out where you think it’s going in the comments below or drop us a line at our FACEBOOK page (Search TheMagicTavern).

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