So coming in the first quarter of next year we finally get to visit a plain that before then, we had only seen mentioned, Kaldheim. A new world full of Vikings and lots of snow. This has led to people asking a few different questions. Will it be based around Norse mythology like Theros is around Greek mythology? Is this when we finally get to see Garruk in his home plane? Will the snow covered lands and permanents return? One of these, I think, we have an answer to already. I don’t believe that we would be in a Viking central world and it not be based around Norse mythology. It is too much of an obvious answer for it not to be the direction for the set. But thinking about this lead me to making a few other connections while going over it all. If it’s Norse mythology, there will be gods, and if there are gods then how will they choose to do it. Then something clicked…

Every since Eldraine I’ve wanted to know more about Oko. It was stated that he wasn’t from Eldraine and was from somewhere we had never been. He is a Fey and Norse mythology includes Fey, elfs, dwarfs, and giants. Then you look at his first card, Oko, the trickster, add to this his powerful ability to shapeshift and charm people, and it clicked for me. Oko may be Kaldheim’s version of Loki. Going through so many different similarities exist between the two that if he isn’t the planes version of Loki, someone missed a really opportunity.

It’s stated that Oko has a real problem with authority due to his peoples want to surpress his powers to the point of experimenting on him to make this happen. Loki also loved to undermine the other gods authority at any chance given. Both of them are master shapeshifters and love using it to further their plots and schemes. In the novel written for Throne of Eldraine, when Oko was looking down at this plan working, he took the form of raven. This one may be a stretch but it would be a nice nod for him to turn into the bird used to personify Odin.

There are more we could over but to me, until I see different, seems like a great way to take the story and to continue to tell the story of this new planeswalker. What do you think? Does this evidence pull you to think like me or do you think there’s no way they will do this? Let us know in the comments or come find us Facebook or Twitter and let us know! What do you hope to see in Kaldheim? Either way, I’m just excited to see it!

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