Colorless EDH: Eldrazi and friends!

Have you ever been sitting around, wondering what new commander deck you want to build and thought to yourself: “ I want something really powerful, easy (ish) mana base, and a deck that will pretty much instantly make me the archenemy…” Well, have I got the deck for you! Welcome to one of my favorite deck, and definitely the most powerful deck I own. Colorless Edlrazi and friends. ( You can find the deck on Tapped Out Here or at the bottom of this post!

It truly doesn’t matter which Eldrazi Titan you use for the commander, but my usual pick was is Kozilek, the great Distortion. He is one of the cheapest of the titans, he acts as a counterspell if you have the right cards, and the ability to refill my hand makes him my favorite. After getting to 10 mana asap, I’m usually in need of a hand refill!

The deck centers around ramping out as much colorless mana as fast as possible. I do this using the cards like Mindstone, exploration map, and ramp such as those. There are plenty of cards that could fit this bill and honestly probably better ones. Just use the ones that you have or can get easily. In the end, its all the same. Using waste as our basic lands and filling the rest of our land spots will cards like temple of the false god, sanctum of ugin, and ghost quarter we will round out our ability to fix other areas in the game as the come.

Next is the artifacts that will make sure we can never lose. We play the old staples like Eldrazi monument, but we are also bringing in the new guns with Forsaken monument and lithoform engine. These all pump our colorless creatures, give us even more mana, or give us ways to copy other things that will bring us back from near defeat or propel us across the finish line. We won’t even mention the fact that Forsaken monument gives us two life every time we play a colorless spell. With all the mana we need and every card being colorless, it’s a tough enemy.

But let’s not forget that we need to get to at least 8-9 mana before we can bring the big eldrazi to the field. We need some smaller, but deadly creatures, to help fill the rans. I do this with many of the lower mana cost eldrazi, myr battlesphere, and wurmcoil engine. In the end, we overwhelm them with devastating creatures and no way to get away from them.

What do you guys think? Are there some cards we should add in? Are there any that you would say don’t belong? Would this type of deck make you turn your attention to that player immediately? I’d love to know in the comments here or find us on any social media but looking up The Magic Tavern and looking for our lovely logo! Thanks for reading, and we will talk with you next time!

Creature (27)

  • 1x Artisan of Kozilek
  • 1x Blight Herder
  • 1x Breaker of Armies
  • 1x Conduit of Ruin
  • 1x Desolation Twin
  • 1x Eldrazi Devastator
  • 1x Eldrazi Mimic
  • 1x Emrakul, the Promised End
  • 1x Endbringer
  • 1x Endless One
  • 1x Farfinder
  • 1x Hedron Crawler
  • 1x It That Betrays
  • 1x Kozilek’s Channeler
  • 1x Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
  • 1x Matter Reshaper
  • 1x Meteor Golem
  • 1x Myr Battlesphere
  • 1x Palladium Myr
  • 1x Pathrazer of Ulamog
  • 1x Reality Smasher
  • 1x Thought-Knot Seer
  • 1x Ulamog’s Crusher
  • 1x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
  • 1x Void Winnower
  • 1x Walker of the Wastes
  • 1x Wurmcoil Engine

Planeswalker (2)

  • 1x Karn, the Great Creator
  • 1x Ugin, the Ineffable

Artifact (25)

  • 1x Armillary Sphere
  • 1x Barrin’s Codex
  • 1x Basalt Monolith
  • 1x Belbe’s Portal
  • 1x Chromatic Star
  • 1x Cranial Archive
  • 1x Dreamstone Hedron
  • 1x Eldrazi Monument
  • 1x Expedition Map
  • 1x Forsaken Monument
  • 1x Grafdigger’s Cage
  • 1x Hedron Archive
  • 1x Jalum Tome
  • 1x Lithoform Engine
  • 1x Lux Cannon
  • 1x Manalith
  • 1x Manifold Key
  • 1x Mind Stone
  • 1x Sculpting Steel
  • 1x Skyclave Relic
  • 1x Sol Ring
  • 1x Swiftfoot Boots
  • 1x Terrarion
  • 1x Unstable Obelisk
  • 1x Vanquisher’s Banner

Sorcery (2)

  • 1x All Is Dust
  • 1x Gruesome Slaughter

Commander (1)

  • Kozilek the Great Distortion

Land (38)

  • 1x Buried Ruin
  • 1x Crawling Barrens
  • 1x Emergence Zone
  • 1x Field of Ruin
  • 1x Ghost Quarter
  • 1x Sanctum of Ugin
  • 1x Scavenger Grounds
  • 1x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
  • 1x Spawning Bed
  • 1x Tectonic Edge
  • 1x Temple of the False God
  • 1x Throne of Makindi
  • 1x Tomb of the Spirit Dragon
  • 25x Wastes

Instant (5)

  • 1x Not of This World
  • 1x Scour from Existence
  • 1x Spatial Contortion
  • 1x Titan’s Presence
  • 1x Warping Wail

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