Speculation Spoilers?: Gods of Kaldheim

Hey, spoiler lovers out there. It’s me, BDC. Just a side note on the possibility of gods on Kaldheim.

This tidbit was thanks to redditer, clariwench, who invited us to go to the Southern Hobby website. There we see wizkids spoilers for ‘Wizards’ figures coming next March. A lot of it has nothing to do with Kaldheim, obviously. But there were a few that absolutely did.


Both of these are listed as ‘gods’. The warrior looking male is holding an amazing ax that could totally be an equipment in the game. His name is Alrund, god of wisdom. He totally brings vibes of Odin with his viking/barbaric garb and the awesome white beard. The god of wisdom fits because, if you read yesterdays speculation, Odin is always in search of knowledge and wisdom. He’s got a blue/white vibe to him, but there could be any other color involved. What are your opinions.

The winged female ‘god’ is named Reidane, goddess of justice. May be a genderswap to a Tyr type since he too was the Norse god of justice.

There are also spoiled two of the obvious players in a viking/Norse set: The world serpent and Fenrir who are god destroyers in the end game. This was expected and are called Cosmo Serpent and Cosmo Wolf.

Above is pictured a few more pics of that set. Most interesting in the one on the far right. Labeled Shape Shifters, it possibly confirming shapeshifters for Kaldheim. Rosewater only knows if we’ll get the changling subtype.

Alongside the above are three planeswalkers, but I can’t see Nahiri leaving Zendikar, although, like an impetuant child, she might stomp off to about anywhere. Jace may go there since there are indications that the freeing of the Eldrazis and Bolas’ tampering began (See last weeks speculation). Not sure why Kaya would be there. I still don’t think that any of these (Besides Jace) are going to show up in Kaldheim.

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