Weekend Speculation: Spoiled Cards?

Booyah and Salutations Speculators!! It’s been another week of weeding through posts, pics and reddits and, as always, I have a lot of speculation about the future of Kalsheim. But, this week, the guys at the Magic Tavern have been discussing the ‘spoiling’ of three supposed cards from Kaldheim. Check out this weeks podcast

Just to get this out front: Everything we talk about in this article is pure speculation on a ‘spoiler’ of text from three cards supposedly to debut in the new Kaldheim set. There are no pictures of said cards, only text. And, as spoilers usually are, they did not come from Wizards of the Coast nor has there been any denial or confirmation of such. In fact, they have not responded at all.

That being said, there were three cards in written form and, as far as The Magic Tavern can tell, they look like viable cards and pretty well balanced.

From MTG card Scrying sheets/ Art by Thomas Boxa

Glimpse of Glory // Patch of Sacrifice

It costs one blue


Scry X, where X is the number of legendary permanents you control.

Draw a card.

// Patch of Sacrifice 2

Legendary Artifact – Equipment

When ~ enters the battlefield choose an opponent. They play with their hand revealed for as long as ~ remains on the battlefield.

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has T: Scry1.

(equip cost was not included)

First of all, it is laid out double modal. So, we’re dealing with a flip card. Now, at first, I thought it might be the old style fused cards, but, seeing that one side is an equipment and the other a sorcery, I doubt it. I also don’t think we will ever see those fused cards again. Just my opinion.

The sorcery is a one drop blue that allows you to scry to the number of LEGENDARY permanents you control. Now, I have to remind you that I expect a lot of scrying in this set to match the attention given to divination magic in Norse mythology. So this was not a surprise. But it works better with lots of legendary permanents, obviously. This baby is going straight to my Sisay Legendary EDH deck (IF it ever exists). I also can’t wait to see what legendary cards we get from Kaldheim. On top of that, it’s a one drop draw card. Who doesn’t need that…with as much scrying as you can possibly muster?

The flip side is an artifact equipment that costs two colorless. The patch of sacrifice gives the equipped +1/+1 and allows them to tap to scry 1. It has another little caveat in that as long as THE PATCH OF SACRIFICE remains on the field, one of your opponents plays with their hand revealed. Nice.

Close up on the figure of Alrund, god of wisdom from Wizkids (Sorry about the fuzzy image)

I think it’s interesting that this equipment is called THE PATCH of SACRIFICE. It’s obviously an illusion to Odin’s sacrificing his eye for wisdom. It made me take a closer look at the Alrund figure who is touted as the god of wisdom and has some of the aspects of Odin also. No patch, but one eye has no pupils and is all blue. Maybe another entity is wearing a patch and carries the sacrifice much like odin. Time will tell.

Skatharvosk, Root-gnawer

Legendary Creature-Elder Squirrel (cost is one with one green, red and blue)

Sacrifice a Forest: Untap ~. It gains indestructible until end of turn. If that Forest was a snow permanent, ~ and each snow creature you control gets +2/+2 until end of turn.


People are loosing their shit over this possible spoiler. Many on the internet (our man Panda included) are excited about the possibility of a Legendary Squirrel coming to MTG. Ok, Panda and all of you other squirrel obsessed Magic players will have a commander for that EDH deck. But, seriously, this is an interesting card. The cost is a little eclectic, but a 3/3 squirrel? Man, I’m game.

It has the ability to sacrifice a Forest and gain indestructible till end of turn. But the fun part is the allusion to snow permanents. This is another mechanic many are looking forward to, although it has not been confirmed. Allowing an extra +2/+2 for sacrificing snow forests. Seems like a chancy gambit, but a surprise flash 5/5 squirrel could be a great ambush blocker.

This card possibility is also appealing to those who know Norse mythology. This squirrel reminds them of the squirrel that runs up and down the world tree, Ratatosk. This messenger runs info back and forth from the roots of Yggdrasil and the dragon/Serpent, Níðhöggr , and the eagle atop the world tree. Does that mean we can get cards for those two also?

Oko, Winter’s Liege

Legendary Planeswalker-Oko (cost 3, Green, Blue)

+1: Create a 3/3 green Elk snow creature token.

-2: Scry X, where X is the number of snow permanents you control. Draw a card.

-7: Gain control of up to X target nonland permanents, where X is the number of snow permanents you control. Each of those permanents that are creatures gain haste.

4 (Loyalty)

Ok, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, because this is one of those points one our own, STEPS, has called out in a real early article here on the website. Feel free to peruse his original prediction, but all I can get out of him now is ‘I WAS RIGHT’! Once again, not confirmed, but it’s looking good for an OKO card in Kaldheim.

Once again snow permanents factor big here. Not a surprise for a card called WINTER’S LIEGE. It has creation of 3/3 ELK SNOW CREATURE which will probably play as well as Vivien’s 3/3 creature pump. Add more scrying linked to your inclusion of snow permanents with card draw and it gets better. I mean, the card is producing the snow permanents that you need for the next two loyalty abilities! Then you drop seven for a chance to gain control of as many ‘nonland permanents’ as you have snow permanents. Give them haste and it’s on.

I mean, it’s not broken, imho.

OKO brings the trickster to Kaldheim which lets Wotc tick the box on Loki and I think it’s a good choice. Why create a new trickster when you have a planes jumping maniac like OKO available?

That is IF this even happens. After going over these write ups, they seem balanced and workable. It also seems like something MTG would do. I could real excited about all three and, if these are real, we have a lot to look forward to out of Kaldheim.

(Did I say these were spoilers with no substantial reality in fact and not from Wizards of the Coast? Oh, good…)

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