Day one of Commander Legends previews: Our 5 top cards

Written by: Steps

So today saw the Preview cards begin to get released from different creators and websites. There were some amazing reprints and some brand new cards that look spectacular. This is easily one of the most anticipated sets to come out in quiet a while. Commander is by far the most popular format in the game and its fan base (us included) are going to go absolutely rabid for this. These below are not all the cards to come out today, and we will have coverage on the others coming as well, but these are the 5 cards that caught me and got the wheels turning. Lets dig in!

  1. Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools

This card was brought to us early by Hipsters of the Coast! This was the one that is still sticking with me. Not only does he look like an absolute killer of a commander but his abilities look like they would lend themselves amazingly to a sacrifice deck or an aristocrats deck. I can’t be the only one that is waiting to pair this with a white commander and tax my enemies to death. You could easily start with his +2 and use the Thrulls to sac for different effects or use them for blocks to make sure you get him to 10 loyalty and use the alt to end all alts. Bringing all the commanders, no matter where there are, to the battle field under your control… This is a game ender.

2. Krark, the thumbless

Previewed by Card Kingdom, nothing grabs my attention faster than a new legendary goblin. You know what’s better than a new goblin? A goblin that brings a bit of luck to the fold. With Krark, every sorcery or instant you cast could be copied, and all you have to do it win a simple coin flip. Who doesn’t love a little bit of chaos and luck mixed into their commander game? Plus just look at him. He’s adorable. Now who do to partner him with?

3) Brinelin, the moon kraken

Brinelin looks be a fun commander to give a try. Not sure that he would be great in the 99 with a CMC so high but with the right partner he may really be able to shine. The ability to bounce things just for playing your bigger spells may really give you that extra push at the end you need to finish off an opponents. Like I said though, this card will only really shine if partnered with the right commander. I’m sure there will be one in the set to come that will make this card sing as the partner. Plus the card looks amazing, but don’t they all.

4) Liesa, Shroud of Dusk

This next one changes the way we think about our commander dying, and it couldn’t have happened with a better commander. Instead of paying commander tax for each time it dies, you pay in life. It will still be 2 per time you have cast your commander but the extra ability of making you opponents pay 2 per spell they cast is a taxing effect that can easily hamstring your opponents. Cutting their mana down and only allowing them to play one or maybe two small spells per turn can really swing a game or buy you some time. Easily an effect I would pay some life to have on the field.

5) Xenagos, God of Revels

The next one is one of those reprints we talked about at the beginning. While I’m sure there will be bigger reprint in the set, and some have already been previewed, but for me this one was a great sight to see. Not only does it have a ton of homes in different commander decks but is one that has never been reprinted (We aren’t counting the secret lair drop) I love seeing amazing cards get newer releases for those that weren’t around for the original and don’t want to drop that much on one card. This is the perfect set for it and personally can’t wait for more!

What are some cards you hope that get reprinted? Were there some from the first day of previews that got you excited to play the new set? How do you think the draft will work for it? Let us know in the comments below or make sure to find us on social media and let’s have a conversation! Until next time!

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