Commander Legends: Win, Lose or DRAW

Art by Mark Winters

Man, spoiler season is back with a vengence and, while I’m tempted to just throw some random cards at you (There’s so many great cards to talk about), I wanted to talk about one in particular. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good draw deck. And, although there isn’t a ton of cards that help me here, there is a return that got my attention for real.

Nekusar, the Mindrazer, is back and my deckbuilding is on overdrive even before Commander Legends is shipped. Not a color scheme I’ve been terribly comfortable with; me not being a Grixis or Nicol Bolas fan either one. But Nekusar has me rethinking my draw EDH decks. Let’s look at the card and the breakdown.

Now, at first glance, this looks like a group hug creature doubling the draw step, but this Zombie Wizard has reasons and a nefarious plot in mind. Because the next part of that text deals one damage for every card the opponent draws. The wheels are already turning in my head on how to make this card an able commander. Like I said, this is a returning card, but it shows up in Commander Legends with a couple of brand new helpers.

Mnemonic Deluge allows you to copy that instant or sorcery that will have your opponents drawing cards and taking damage in triplicate. The Sphinx of the Second Sun doesn’t help you punish your opponent, but is will guarantee you drawing 4 cards a turn; oppening up two ‘beginning phases” with two draw steps drawing two cards a turn with Nekusar out.

There are also three cards returning to help you draw into that game winner.

Nekusar sets up the damage as a commander, so all you have to do is add a barrage of cards to do your opponent a ‘favor’ by giving them card draw, right?

Handing out card value all around is a bit dangerous, but the idea would be to drop a massive amount of damage and flood their hand. They’re having to discard cards and run for cover.

Dealing with drawing cards and giving out disadvantage in grixis and you may decided to include a little Nicol Bolas. Add some Ob Nixilus to continue to punish them for daring to draw cards at all.

There are a handful of other cards that will add the pain to drawing a card and speed up the process.

But I, personally, can’t think of draw and punishment without including a little Niv Mizzet of all types.

Getting Niv-Mizzet out encourages you to have a few cards in the arsenal that both give you card draw to feed the Dracogenius and give you card draw for resources.

I just feel this deck, once finely tuned, can deal a lot of damage quick. I look forward to going over some of these other Commander Legends cards. There’s a lot of value to be had for just about any color combination. If I’ve forgetten something helpful in this deck, PLEASE leave a message below. Once we pool our collective wisdom, I’ll probably drop an EDH deck tech.

Oh, and Keranos, God of Storms…yeah…

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