Planeswalker Spoiler: Confirmed for Kaldheim?

Article by BDC

I usually wait till the weekend to drop these speculations, but ran into this pic in one of my groups and had truly consider the possibility that Kaya will be in the Viking-Themed set, Kaldheim. This comes a few weeks after the spoiled figure of Kaya coming about the same time as obviously Kalheim figures according to Southern Hobby (Check our article Speculation Spoilers: Gods of Kaldheim?). And, as authentic as this looks, it’s still not confirmed in any official way. But look at this pic.

I’ve looked at this pic from every angle and blown up even and have to say, if its fake, it was done by a freakin’ genius. I mean, without any confirmation from Wotc, this pic is people’s exhibit two (the first being the spoiled figures) for Kaya being all but confirmed for Kaldheim.

But I still have to voice my bewilderment on the possible inclusion of Kaya in a Viking based set. It’s especially strange that she would make the box art. She doesn’t shout out ‘Viking’ at all. Besides that, I have no real personal problem with Kaya being there, just confused. It may make sense in more of a marketing sense to waylay all concerns of racist appropriation of anything Viking. Whatever reason for including her, I approve because wherever she goes, she’s a badass.

Let’s look at Kaya an what she could possibly be her reason for planeswalking to Kaldheim.

Kaya is from another of those planes we haven’t had a proper introduction to in any set, Tolvada. It is a plane with a problem. Not only are the skies fractured with rainbow cracks, but the residents are slowly going mad. Kaya has come to blame Nicol Bolas (Easy target as he’s into everything bad) but could that be why she goes to Kaldheim?

Quite possibly she’s in search of one of Bolas’ old associates who was last seen there, Ramaz. Bad news if it is, my friend, because Kaya don’t mess around. That could also be why Jace would come too. If there is any way to find out how to end Bolas for good, Jace is going to be there. But if it’s not Ramaz, what is it?

Well, the only other good guess I have is that Kaya has a new target. She is, after all, is a very special assassin. You could say that she has a very specific set of skills and, she may not know who or where you are, but she will find you and she will kill you; especially if you’re a ghost. You see, she specializes in dispatching the dearly departed who don’t have the good sense to move on.

Let’s look at her resume:

We first met Kaya as she took the job of killing the ghost king Brago in the plane Fiora.
Art by Chris Rallis
Her next big hit was for Nicol Bolas against the Obzedat!
Kaya’s Wrath; art by Victor Adame Minguez
After War of the Spark, as redemption, Kaya was sent to end Liliana Vess; Art by Aleksi Briclot

But now what? She goes to Kaldheim? Once again, why? Chasing information on Bolas’ involvement in her planet’s descension into madness? Or has she just simply picked up a new assassination? Either way, she probably won’t be alone. Toward the end of the War of the Spark, she picked up three associates.

Teyo Verada has become a part of Kaya’s posse of late/ Art by Foo Midori
Ana Lora joined Kaya’s group just recently and could be with her in Kaldheim/Art by Anna Steinbauer

And before you try to educate me and tell me this is Liliana Vess…I know. Look up the lore on how this is happening. I haven’t the room to explain this here.

Last note: Notice the purple powered hand axes she’s carrying on the box art! Now, THAT has a Viking feel!

All I have for now. I’m trying desperately to dig up whatever I can about this, but the person who posted it isn’t answering my messages. If you’ve seen or heard anything, let us know in the comments below or on our social media. If you want credit, we’ll give credit. We love getting any leads we can! No matter what they do, I’m stoked for Kaldheim! And, by the numbers we’re seeing, so are you!

Here’s a little Kaya gallery extra:

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