The game I wish I could play

Written by: Steps

So this weekend I was sent a message from a friend who knows I sell Magic cards and wondered if I had seen the prices on booster boxes for a newer game he had jumped to. He said the alpha set of the game had jumped from normal prices of around $100 to over $900 per box. The name of the game? Flesh and Blood. It caught me off guard cause I had never even heard of the game or seen it in a single game store that I am in quiet often. After this conversation I did what every card board addict does when they hear about a new game, I ran to the internet to see more.

After an hour or so of reading and watching videos, I was sold. I wanted to buy some and play it as soon as possible. I knew there was a slim chance to grab any of the alpha set of the game but I assumed that I could get some of the starter decks or at least some packs from the new unlimited reprinting of Welcome to Rathe from one of my local stores. Boy, was I wrong. There are only two stores within 100 miles of me that sell the game and they were both completely sold out and couldn’t even do preorders for the new sets for the next time they would get any. I went online and every shop I looked at where out of stock. There was of course eBay, but that was not a price I was willing to pay for a game I couldn’t even try out.

The game looks like a fun new type of TCG. It is definitely seems like a breath of fresh air to me. It is nothing like games like Pokémon, Magic, or any other game I’ve seen and that only makes me want to play it more. But with that said, it may be hard for you to get ahold of any of the cards to play it. Even the free welcome decks are going for insane prices on the internet. Hopefully this ends soon and people trying to buy everything up to sell them for crazy prices may very well be this games undoing. I hope not but if no one can get cards at a decent price, how will it grow?

I was finally able to find a few boxes on Amazon for about the same price as Magic draft booster boxes. But it’s not people like me that I am worried about. There are not many people willing to drop $120 for a game they can’t even try out. Start decks and especially free welcome decks are how games like this grow. I hope with the newest set they do more print runs and they keep the game well stocked and I also hope more stores begin to carry the game.

We will have articles and videos coming soon to cover more about how the game is played so keep an eye out for that if you are interested. Like I said before, it looks like a ton of fun and maybe we can help you decide if the price of a box is worth it to get into for you. Will you be on the look out for the game? Do you think people buying for resell are going to kill the game? Let us know in the comments or find us on social media and give us your opinion.

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