A second planeswalker, amazing lore and some badass art drops for Kaldheim

Earlier today, I dropped an article about first reactions and speculations on the new planeswalker from Theros arriving in Kaldheim soon, Niko Aris. All the while, Wotc was dropping a load of lore, artwork and one more planeswalker FROM Kaldheim! Man, today has been almost too much to digest. For the past few months, I’ve been hearing the players and fans of MTG voice concerns about the upcoming Kaldheim set. Well, I feel what was dropped today ought to ease their worries a bit.

First off, a second planeswalker was dropped slated to play a role in Kaldheim. And, what’s better, he’s a resident. Now I’m not going to give you a blow by blow of his whole history. You can catch all of that on Wizard’s site. In fact, you might want to read that right after you leave here. But what I wanted to share was what I actually read into the information and how this lore seems exactly what we need and expected in a VIking/Norse themed plane.

First off, the planeswalker from Kaldheim is elven. His name is Tyvar Kell and he is from a line of wood elves that descend from one set of godlike beings on this plane. Now, that right there screams Norse mythology! Two sets of gods much like the Vanir and the Aesir inhabit this cold, bleak terrain. In fact, the name for the elven race of gods, Einir, is old Norse for Juniper. Unfortunately, much like Eldraine (interesting), the elves were overthrown by another race of gods, the Scoti, who currently rule Kaldheim which I assume are more humanlike much like the figure of Alrund spoiled earlier (picture below).

Is ALrund a member of the Scoti pantheon?

Now, some of you may be asking how are elven gods Norse? Funny thing, if you read far enough back in the lore and myths, elves were akin to the Vanir (one of the two sets of Norse gods) and were even led by their king, Freyr of the Vanir. So here, Wotc has, in masterful order, untilized deep lore into building their unique world. The new planeswalker’s brother has recently united the two clans of elves, the wood and shadow elves, and proclaimed himself king. I’m sure we’ll get a card for the Elven King Harald. Tyvar Kell is living in his brother’s shadow, but doesn’t let it make him bitter. He just strives to do deeds to prove himself.

The elves’ ancestors, the Einir, were imprisoned inside trees; accentuation their connection with nature. But Tyvar is no druid. He’s a warrior through and through. His writeup reminds me of Thor; a boastful, cheerful warrior who loves a good battle and his fellow warriors. He has a special ability in which he can ‘transmute’ himself, the terrain around him and his fellow warriors to aid in battle. I’m sure we will get a card where he adds certain counters to other elves, warriors, tokens or non-tokens on the battle field. He will be probably mono green so bolstering resources through search or draw may be present. I could see and welcome a card like Gideon Blackblade or others where he could become a creature on your turn.


Notice the serpentine tatoo on Tyvar’s chest? Well, he wants you too. Not only that but even the write up says:

“Tyvar’s serpentine tats are a reference to the cosmos serpent, Koma. All Elves on Kaldheim all share a reverence for Koma, and many elves wear clothing that reflects that reverence—from hair braided to look like scales to woven designs and actual snakeskin.” Cynthia Sheppard, Wotc

We already knew that the name for the World serpent would actually be ‘Cosmo Serpent’, but this is the first reference I’ve seen to its name, KOMA. Seems that at least the wood elves if not both tribes have an affinity for the Serpent. I wonder how that will play out? Will there be a function of KOMA card that will benefit elves? Will the other godlike tribe that now rules Kaldheim, the Scoti, revere the ‘COSMO WOLF’? Although these two entities, Fenrir and the world serpent were united in their destruction of everything in mythology, are they opposed in Kaldheim? Can’t wait to see!

IS Kaldheim METAL?

“It’s a Plane of warriors who boast of their great deeds and yearn to die heroically in battle, who fight hard and celebrate harder, and where great tales pass into myth through the ages.” -Cynthia Shepherd, Wotc

Wotc is calling this METAL WEEK and what a week it’s going to be. Monday’s drops, at least have turned up the heat on our excitement here at the Magic Tavern and I hope it has with you also.

As stated, I have heard a lot of concerns from the people who actually buy Magic about what they will get in this Viking related set. I’ve also heard a great deal of dreams and aspirations for this set more than any other I’ve reported on. After todays unleashing of images and lore, I think we’re in good hands. As I’ve stated many times, I thought this set was going to be amazing and it seems our Christmas wishes are about to be answered with warriors of all kinds, a conflict between to godlike nations of elves and humans (?) and plenty of Norse flavor to go around. I loved Eldraine, Theros beyond Death and Ikoria and even the more nostalgic Zendikar Rising. Kaldheim will be a great addition to this meta.


See other awesome artwork on the Magic the Gathering’s website.


This one metal picture of Kaya fighting a bestial figure has me hyped. With angelic Valkyrie flying over head and the demonic creatures flanking underneath, this has a nice build up going for it. Definite Norse in feel, can’t wait to see what this is about, but I bet it has something to do with the big story and why Kaya is on Kaldheim!

If you have any comments or speculations of your own, drop it below or come share it on our social media. Can’t wait to get the streaming studio up after the move so we can meet eye to eye.

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