Warlock Patron: Hags and Covens

After last weeks venture into storytelling and game suggestion (check out our article-Hags: Love, Nature and Destiny), we discussed the Mother of all Hags (literally), Cegilune, and mentioned that she would be a great patron for a warlock. As a part of developing The Magic Tavern’s next book, CONSTRUCTIVE CONSTRUCTS: SCARECROWS, I’ve done some extensive digging on Hags. What is the connection between Hags and scarecrows, you ask? That will come with the book. But, as a preview and a way of airing this out, here is my take on Hags as Patron.

Samples of Hag patrons come in many forms. A godlike power like Cegilune who was originally a fey moon goddess and is basically still an Archfey . So you could just chose the Archfey as your patron and be done with it. But, to be honest, you lose a lot of the flavor and Hags are a different type of power all together.

artwork from a clipart site

Other types could be powerful Hags called Grannys or Grandmothers who may not be as powerful as Cegilune, but plenty powerful enough to be your patron. There are Grandmothers in all the types of Hags: Green, Annis, Night, Sea and Bheur Hags. I will not be dealing with Night Hags here or in the book because they are so vastly different than the others and are actually fiends instead of fey.

This subclass doesn’t dictate that the warlock be born of hag blood, of course. Possibly, you sought out the Hag and vied for her power. Maybe your bloodline is cursed to serve the Hag. And, alternatively, maybe you’re actually in service to the Hag to pay back a debt. Either way, you’re in neck deep. All of this could also be true if you bound yourself to a coven of Hags who, by themselves, are much weaker, but, together, pose a threat and have ample power on loan.

As an extra for the Hag or coven, you may either be given a necklace with a Hag eye or be branded with it on your person. Whichever, the Hag can see and maybe hear everything that you do. This can be something that you announce to the party as a warning OR keep to yourself so that the Hag can eavesdrop. The eye can also be transferred to the Tome, the Pact blade or your familiar according to which Pact you chose.

The Hag may or may not entrust you with her motives or goals. Hags are incredibly duplicitous and hard to know. They tend to keep secrets until it’s too late. DMs can use this to a storytelling advantage by making the Hag very interested in what the party is doing and possibly thwarting them in the end. If this is so, the Warlock will have to make a choice down the road; stay true to their Patron and betray the party or fail in the bargaining and draw the ire of the Hag. Either way, great drama, right?

What lies below is test material of which I would like your feedback. Be gentle and helpful. We at The Magic Tavern believe you are a part of the process.

artwork by Spaneil Reyes merged to art by Xiebin



SPELL LEVEL                                                        SPELLS

      1st                                                     Identify, Ray of Sickness

      2nd                                                    Hold Person, Locate Object

     3rd                                                     Bestow Curse, Counterspell

    4th                                                       Phantasmal Killer, Greater Invisibility

    5th                                                       Scrying, Dominate Person

Illusory Appearance

You have learned early on to mask you appearance with illusion. The Hag said this would come in handy down the road. You’re not sure you like where that statement was going.

At first level, you may use an action to cover yourself and anything you are wearing and carrying with a magical illusion to look like a creature of the generally same size and humanoid shape.  The illusion ends with a bonus action otherwise will be continual.

This illusion will fail to hold up to physical inspection ie. It doesn’t change you.  Otherwise, a creature must make an intelligence (investigation) check with a DC equal to your Spell Save to discern that you are disguised and see you as you really are.

Invisible Passage

You have always found the advantage of a quick escape to be important. In bending what is real through illusion, you have learned to blend in with your surroundings and become undetected without magic.

At 6th level, You may use an action to turn invisible until you attack or cast a spell or until your concentration ends.  While invisible, you leave no physical evidence of passage, and can be tracked only by magic.  All equipment you carry are also invisible.  You may stay invisible a total of 8 hours unless one of the above conditions negates it.

Also at 6th level, you begin to show the effects of the magic the Hag(s) has given you.  Your appearance begins to warp visibly and you have disadvantage on any Wisdom (persuasion) checks when not under your illusory appearance. Although, you will have advantage on any Wisdom (Intimidation) checks when seen as you are.

Horrific Appearance

You begin to understand what the Hag meant about ‘down the road’. It seems the more you relish in the Hag’s magic, the more twisted and ugly you become. BUT you have found that your appearance has an interesting effect on those around you.

Beginning at 10th level, any humanoid that starts its turn within 30 feet of you and can see your true form must make a Wisdom save equal to 10 + your Charisma Modifier.  On a failed save, the creature is frightened for 1 minute.  A creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, with disadvantage if you are within line of sight, ending the effect on a success.  If the creature successfully saves, it is immune to this effect for 24 hours.

Death Glare

You have learned to use your grotesque appearance to your advantage; not always wanting to hide it. And, more than that, carrying the effect your appearance has on others to a horrific degree. Some may die of fright.

At 14th level, as an action, you may target one creature who is frightened of you within 30 feet.  If the target can see you, it must succeed on a Wisdom Saving throw vs DC10+ your Charisma Modifier or drop to 0 hit points.

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