Is Kaldheim under invasion?

As I’m sure you have all seen, there was a card the was posted online of a new Vorinclex from the upcoming set Kaldheim. There’s been plenty of back and forth over the card being real or a fake. With it being up on Mythic Spoiler now, there’s little doubt left in me that this isn’t a legit card. There was also an Elesh Norn that was posted but was quick to be refuted and called out as fake, but not so with Vorinclex. So from here on out, we are just going to work with the assumption that it’s real.

Bringing the OG big baddies back to the Magic story is something that I have personally been waiting a long time for. I always loved the Phyrexians and Yawgmoth. While I am sure that Yawgmoth will not be returning (Even if his death was slightly vague) The question is why here and why now?

Without going through the entire history of the Phyrexians (There are plenty of places to find that if you are looking for the history and lore) Their only purpose is to assimilate and “perfect” all of life. Vorinclex in particular seems to fall under the category of “eat the weak to make the strong stronger. ” But after all that we are still left with the same question. Why? How?

Well I have a theory. In the trailer we see Tibalt going after the sword that was grown out of the world tree and he talks about unimaginable chaos, and there is little more that would surely stir up some chaos than unleashing the Phyrexians onto a new plane connected to so many different realms. Or perhaps Mirrodin was once connected to Kaldheim and locked away and now that lock was broken. I think that Tibalt unleashes the Phyrexians by mistake, maybe not even knowing the connection to Mirrodin if that’s it, by using the sword to open links to the planes. There is no way in my mind that even he would be dumb enough to think he could control the Phyrexians. Unless his plan is to unleash them and then planeswalk away and just leave them there, this has to be a mistake.

With Vorinclex in Kaldheim, his swarm can not be far behind. There has been no talk of the other praetors yet and maybe the link is broken before they can all cross over but Either way this is still a terrible ordeal for the new plane of Kaldheim to face. While it is not explicitly stated on his card, it sure seems like infect will still be a thing connected to the Phyrexians with him being a Doubling Season on a creature. (Commander is going to have fun with that one!)

In the end, no matter what the reason for it, the plane and everyone on it will have to band together to stop the machine that will be coming to consume and perfect every living thing on it. Vorinclex won’t stop until the plane is converted and brought into the swarm and if he can bring the rest of the praetors with him, this may be Kaldheim’s Ragnarok.

The four cards are also on

What do you guys think? How do you think the Phyrexians found there way to a new plane? Do you agree with me that Tibalt accidentally does the deed or do you see another way for them to come? Let us know in the comment or click the links at the top right of the page and tell us on one of our social media accounts!

2 thoughts on “Is Kaldheim under invasion?

  1. I don’t like this vorinclex card because it completely shuts off decks using counters and creature tokens. These are very popular, and one card destroying several archetypes merely by being in play would be a very unwise move by wizards. I think it’s fake, but then maro does make some unwise decisions, so it could be real. But it’s the kind of card that belongs in special sets like commander, not a standard set.

    Furthermore, i don’t like that we’re being introduced to a new world at the same time it goes into chaos. At least wait for the second or third kaldheim set to unleash the big otherworldly monsters, like we did with zendikar or mirrodin. Bad storytelling and a bad card that will ruin fun decks for a lot of players


    1. Ya we will see if it comes to be a real card. Still no word from WoTC one way or the other. If it is, it will be a pain but it still dies to removal so there’s always that haha and as for being introduced to the world in chaos… we absolutely agree. We have an article coming soon talking about this very subject! Make sure to follow us here or on Facebook to get notified when it goes up!


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