The Realms of Kaldheim Spoiled


It’s been quite a ride between METAL WEEK and the official start of spoiler season on the 7th. It’s had fans either raising an axe and ale for a cheer or ready to brandish said axe and helm and assault the hallowed halls of Wotc. But here we are, less than one day away from the season, and things just get crazier and crazier.

There has been a non-stop flow of spoiled cards from all sorts of sources since the bands of metal introduced us to Kaldheim. Some came from Wizards; like our first legendary squirrel, Toski, Bearer of Secrets. Others came roaring out of the gate from parts unknown (sources would like us to believe they were found in Commander Legends packs) and set the Magic community on fire like Vorinclex. But today’s spoiler comes official from Wotc via one of their affiliates: @coL_Amazonian on Twitter. And it’s beautiful!

Welcome to the 9 realms of Kaldheim


First up, Axgard was already mentioned on Armed and Armored, one of the earlier spoiled cards. This marvelously named realm is aptly set as the home of the dwarves of Kaldheim. Red and White seems to be the color combo of the Dwarves but the residents of Axgard may stick to white as the bandits following Magda, the Brazen outlaw, and her dragons represent red.


I’m starting with those we obviously know and, next up, is Starnheim, home to the winged Valkeries of Kaldheim. Where as you’d expect blue and white to combo here with their affinity for flying creatures and ordered control, by the looks of things, our winged angels in this set will be running white, black or both. But, honestly, the valkerie’s work in life, war and death fit Orzhov just fine. Seeing that only white cards spoiled like Valkerie Harbinger, Youthful Valkerie and Starnheim Aspirant, not sure if we’re going to see only the white aligned angels in Starnheim while those drawing from black mana roosting somewhere else. But the angel tribals are going to love this set.


This realm is obviously influenced by the Norse realm of fire, Muspellheim. But it’s not the home of the Fire Giants as I had predicted. It is actually the abode of the demons that lurk in Kaldheim. This is one of the tribes that hasn’t got a lot of pop even though they were seen at the base of the big metal poster under Kaya and an unknown beast (although you might know him). And the first demon spoiled is already causing quite a stir in the community.

Just a side note: We’ve seen Immersturm before in the Duel of the Planeswalker video game back in 2009. It was listed as part of a plane called VALLA. Strangely one of the planes we showcased long ago.


How cool is it that the world tree can be seen in the background?

Bretagard is home to five human tribes who are in constant conflict with one another but kept in balance by their leaders and The Code of the Clan. One clan, Clan Beskir (“This is the way”), live in the fortress seen above and are fierce warriors. Led by their clerics, the Lawspeakers, uphold this code and settle arguments between clans. Other clans mentioned are the Tuskeri and Kannah who, although lawless, still abide by the code. The trecherous and difficult ot navigate Kirda Pillars are home to the Omenseekers who guide ships there via their expert navigation skills and runic magic.

Verdue Wizards are an elite form of Omenseekers. The most powerful can cross between the realms on the omenpaths and are wily and dangerous foes. The Skell are quick and able raiders living in the Skell Mire in which they have built magical causeways in order to transverse quickly. Much of the magic they learned they learned from the demon Verragoth who had escaped Immersturm but has long since been banished back. The Bloodsky Massacre is the tale of how Verragoth and the Skell descended upon Beskir Hall and slaughtered many.

Abiding in the Tuskeri Mountains, the clan that bears the same name care nothing for the soft people of the lowlands. This chaotic tribe centers upon glory and boasting.

The Kannah Clan reside nomadically in the Aldergard Forest. They are led by Fynn the Snakehunter who boasts to be the only human to wound the mighty serpent. The Kannah hope to break the curse a god placed on them that forever anchors them to a cursed tree in this forest and keeps them from achieving residence in Starnheim.


Gnottvold is home to the Trolls. Not a lot has been released about them but it has been said that some, like the one pictured above, will sleep motionless for a long time. Bad tidings come to those who wake them.


Now, THIS looks like Asgard to me. However, it seems to be situated under the roots of the world tree and surrounded by water. This reminds me of Niffleheim where Nidhug, the dragon, gnaws at the roots of the world tree near the conjunction of the eleven ancient rivers at the great spring. It also seems to be rather etheral in nature and is actually the home to the spirits of Kaldheim.


Karfell looks to be a cold inhospitable land much like most of Kaldheim. This is the home of the dead who did not die in battle. Much like Hel, it is a dark dismal place and this totally gives the vibe of the White Walkers of Game of Thrones.


Skemfar is home to both tribes of elves on Kaldheim. Spoiled early on and discussed as one of the two factions of elves on Kaldhemi, the dark elves love the shadows and the wood elves run the, well, the woods. Elves (Once again 😦 ) Tribal run strong in this plane dealing tokens, +1/+1 and deathtouch.


Littjara looks like it could also be home to some shadow-dwelling elves, but the figures on the water look to be wearing the familiar headdresses of one of my favorite tribes in Kaldheim, Shapeshifters. These alien, mask wearing changelings are going straight to my collection and should really CHANGE things up in this set.


This icy land of Surtland is the home of giants. It is (as the picture portrays) a land of ice AND fire. Thus the Flinger shown below also resides there.

Well, I have to say things are looking good for Kaldheim. Can’t wait for the spoilers tomorrow! But wait…there’s more? Watch later tonight for one last speculation on what’s actually going on in Kaldheim!

One thought on “The Realms of Kaldheim Spoiled

  1. Awesome write up however from the info we’ve been given till now Giants appear to be native to Surtland and not Immersturm. Immersturm is most likely inhabited by the Kaldheim demons (which we know exist from art and from the card Blood Sky Massacre)


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