The Plot Thickens, Two Green Gods drop and a Legendary Boost

Holy Alrund! The Skalds will be singing all night tonight! Spoiler Season begins, we get our first bit of fiction and it’s what we expected and more!

First off, SPOILER! We will be talking about the first episode of the Kaldheim fiction posted on Wotc’s magic story section, so, if you haven’t read it, READ IT! Also will be showing off some cards recently released and it is…wait for it…LEGENDARY!

“When did the disappearances start?” – Inga Rune-Eyes

First off, we meet the Omenseekers, hitting the beach in true Viking fashion. They are investigating ‘disappearances’ in the area and Kaya is along for the ride. After yesterday’s confirmation, it was no question who the ‘monster’ in the wild woods was that was striking fear in the locals. It is obvious that they are tracking Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. I mean, the resident beasts are no where to be found; giving the Phyrexian a massive berth which is probably the smartest thing.

Not much of what comes next shocks me even with a surprise appearance by Alrund, God of the Cosmos, with his trusted raven, Hakka. But, although it was all expected, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth the read. SO, if you read this before reading the actual fiction, that’s all your getting. Go read it yourselves! It is so worth it!

The only part of the whole thing that gave me pause was Kaya musing over her employer. Some anonymous patron with deep pockets had paid her coin, “minted from half a dozen different planes”. Now, I’m not super familiar with fiction from War of the Spark, but surely Kaya would know a great many of the planeswalkers who fought in that massive battle. So WHO paid her?

First thought was one Planeswalker who has the most hate for the Phyrexians: KARN. The only problem is, I believe, Kaya knows Karn as he aided her and her allies on Ravnica. Not sure who else would factor here. OR maybe there’s just too many who could. What do YOU think?

Can’t wait to see ‘The Longship of Cosmica” that will, with the aid of the light of Starnheim, no doubt send Kaya on a tour of the 10 realms of Kaldheim. Also, both yesterday during the big reveal and in the story, a catastrophic event called a Doomscar was mentioned. This seems to be an apocalyptical event where two of the realms collide together. Alrund had a foreboding prediction.

“Inga Rune-Eyes. Kaya Far-Traveler. I fear the arrival of this creature is an omen—a sign of terrible things to come. In all my auguries, I see death and destruction throughout Kaldheim. I fear a Doomskar approaches—one unlike any in living memory.”

Fun. So, just like Asgard and their gods, we are flung into something akin to, but not as far reaching, Ragnarok, the end of all things. All in all, Wotc has scored at capturing the Nordic feel and the Viking flavor. Can’t wait to continue reading.

More Gods; So Legendary

As is the way with spoiler season, new cards pop up every day. We already have seen a Kaldheim God card in blue, white and black; insinuating that a green and red God are on their way. SO what did Wotc do? They gave us TWO green Gods!

First up, we have the ‘God of Kinship’ flanked on each side by a bear and a wolf. DId you hear that the Arena pets this time are bears? Well, Kolvori not only keeps company with bears, she hangs with wolves. Also she is not only legendary, she aids in the search for legendaries and ramps herself when you control three or more of them. Her backside as with all of Kaldheim’s Gods is a Legendary artifact, The Ringhart Crest. This one aids you in summoning a certain creature type by giving you one forest or you could spend it on any color legendary.

But, if you think one green God is cool. Wait till you see Esika, God of the Tree. As has been discussed in the last few weeks, the world tree in Kaldheim has absorbed the abilities of the Bifrost bridge and aids in travel, connecting the realms. One again, you have choices so that that WUBRG card doesn’t get stuck in your hands. Instead you can open with the top face of the card which is always the God itself. Esika taps for mana of any color and gives your LEGENDARIES the ability to do the same. Not only this, but they gain vigilance.

Both of these cards would work great with Sisay, Weatherlight Captain as Commander of a Legendary Deck as would any of the God cards listed so far.

But, WAIT, there’s more!

The World Tree (which should have totally been a Legendary Land) might work well as a finisher in any deck; bringing any number of God cards to the battlefield! And THAT means ANY of the God cards! This, of course, includes the Gods of Theros and (for you playing non-standard formats) Amonkhet. Who’s ready to build a God Super Deck?

And let’s not forget the resident Planeswalker, Tyvar Kell. Although I love his ‘Thor-like’ spirit, I’m afraid Elf Tribal will never be bested now. And we haven’t even seen the commander deck yet. Elves…

Our FIRST dragon from Kaldheim, Goldspan Dragon, makes its debut today. And it looks like treasure tokens aren’t just for pirates anymore (although Magda IS a Brazen Outlaw). Where Magda can ramp your dwarves and THEY can make treasure tokens when tapping/attacking, she also can search the library for a Dragon Card. Maybe she can go after this new dragon that ALSO makes Treasure Tokens that doesn’t just give you mana, but double mana of any color! Oh, the Value!

Once again, let me repeat, ‘I cannot wait to get my hands on these cards!’ I believe they will power up the Meta in a big way and I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with. And, as there are more cards spoiled, we will be here!

What do you think? What deck techs are popping around in that brain? We would love to hear what you’re excited about!

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