Character Reference: The Marvelous Mal

Mal had what most would assume to be a good life. His parents would call him Malstris Falin. They were kind and had enough to support them. He learned from an early age that his words seemed to carry a bit more weight than most peoples. He was able to talk himself out of situation or into opportunities. Once he picked up the pan flute it was clear what his path in life would be. He dreamed of entertaining the masses with these songs and tunes, and at the age of 16 he found himself doing just that. He sought out a teacher and soon learned that many did not have the same dream of riches and fame that he did. Taking some teachings here and there and then adding his own spin to them he found his way to riches. (We will have more coming this week about this homebrew Bard College: The college of the Piper) He began to gather a small group of entertainers and acrobats. 

Together they made a small traveling sideshow and slowly made a name for themselves. As time went on, though, the money was just not enough. They slowly learned that through their gifts they could easily captivate an entire town. With the town distracted, it made an easy target. They began to ransack small towns and use magic to make sure they would be gone and no trace left when the townspeople came back too. Every since then, they have moved from town to town and continued this way of life. It may not be the fame he was expecting but the riches have more than made up for it. 


As a small town in the rolling hills goes about it’s normal day, people come and go. The smells of bread and forges fills the air and sounds of the market rings through the town. As the people go forward with their day, they all slowly begin to stop and look around. The faint sound of drums and cheers echo over the hills. The town guard runs to the makeshift walls fearing the worst, but are met with colorful tents being put up and ribbons flying in the wind. The people there were dancing and singing and beating their drums.  

As the newcomers continue to set up their tents, more and more people gather at the city walls. It becomes very clear who they are as the large tents go up. It was a carnival of sorts, a show of oddities. As the newcomers finish putting up the tents, four of them begin to make their way to the town and a small group follows behind them.

The Human man in front stops and in a booming voice introduces himself:

“Good townspeople! I am Malstris but you can call me Mal. I am the humble ringleader of the traveling carnival, “Mal’s Marvels”. We are a traveling group that brings new and exotic entertainment to the common folk. Who says the big cities should have all the fun?” 

He lets out a loud laugh and then the group behind him begins to do flips and spit fire and the sort. He begins walking through the streets singing to the people about all the different things they will see about taking the time to come to the show and relax. The longer he walks through the streets the larger the crowd seems to be. By the time he and his entourage reach the town center, it seems the entire town is standing there. The Children are cheering and adults watch in wonder and awe. He jumps up on a large box and invites them all to the show later that night!

Come one and come all! See the marvels we have procured from across the land! See a man lift more than anyone believes could be true. See a woman who can soar through the sky easier than many of us walk on land. Sights that will make you question what you see, and so much more. For a simple Silver piece, we welcome you to enjoy a night with us. We will see you all there!” 

As he finished his pitch, his eyes looked over the crowd with such intention that everyone there felt as though he was talking directly to them. His eyes met with each of theirs and a simple nod was given from each of them. 

Later that night it was the damnedest thing, the entire town seems to be in line outside the main tent. There were easily more than a hundred people coming in and squeezing into the tent. It wasn’t small by any means but fitting that many people was proving to be difficult.  Or at least it seemed to be.

Thanks for taking the time to look over this character and Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments. Would Mal and his band of thieves make a fun side adventure or maybe just a rumor to show its face one day? If you would like the full character sheet and all the other fun stuff we come up with, join our Discord server! The link can be found in the top social links (It’s the far right one) !

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