Nothing to Fear but Tergrid itself (Standard)

Of all the Kaldheim god cards, Tergrid, God of Fear intrigues me the most. I had already been tooling around with zombie tribal and discovered the Dragr Necromancer which is a powerful addition to this deck and can about run the show by itself (as seen in the above video). But Tergrid brings a bit of Modal Double-faced goodness that leads to some unique builds.

First of all, check out the video below for the deck list.

Tergrid, God of Fright, creates some special mayhem for your opponent. Not only does it encourage making your opponent sacrifice their permanents but causing them to discard is absolutely smiled upon.

Get Tegrid going and everything that is sacrificed and discarded can be yours. You can go from a Distress to putting their creature on your side of the field in no time. Add in the Dragr Necromancer and you’re guaranteed to swipe up every creature they lose during the game.

Getting your opponent to sacrifice his creatures for you is easier than you think. Withercrown from the Kalheim set is a great enchantment to force your opponent to drop that creature or take damage every turn refusing to give it to Tergrid. Soul Shatter gets to the point and forces them to sacrifice the highest converted mana cost creature OR planeswalker they have; no way out. Pharika’s Libation forces them to chose one to sac and also gives you the option to go after one of their enchantments. As long as it’s a permanent, it doesn’t matter; its coming over to your side of the table. Demon’s Disciple is also a creature that makes them sacrifice but it forces you too also.

The other option is to force them to discard a card. If it’s a permanent, it’s yours.

With this build, though, I hardly have to even play Tergrid. I have more instances of the lantern, to be honest. And it is effective.

This card and bank full of mana and you can dismantle your opponent. They will either die to life count bleed or leave themselves defenseless as they sac their permanents to protect it.

Besides the Dragr Necromancer and Tergrid, there are couple of heavy lifters that keeps the engine going. Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire, has a handy tudor boast ability that can help you go after cards you need; like Tergrid. Chittering Harvester will cause sacrifice feeding Tergrid’s need for fresh blood. But my favorite backup in this deck is Liliana, Walker of the Dead. Not only can she serve as removal, but she can continually make your opponent discard or lose life.

More cards in Standard for Discard

More cards in Standard to make your opponent sacrifice!

Do you have a different way of playing Tergrid? Share in the comments or hit us up on social media.

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