Bard Option: College of the Piper

A few days back we released a character reference that covered Marvelous Mal and his traveling side show of thieves. His M.O. was to go to new small towns and lure the entire town into their show where he would use his songs to put them into a trance while the rest of the crew went and took anything of value in the town. By the time the townsfolk had any idea what was going on, the crew was gone with little memory of the day before. While many bards are captivating and influential, the bards from this college take the influence to another level. They specialize in to getting into peoples mind and manipulating their thoughts and memories.

Bards of this college learned long ago that if you want more people to pay attention and listen, the easiest way to make that happen is to force them to listen. Using their voices or instruments they have learned to perfect the frequencies that they project. These frequencies creep into the mind of those that hear it and slowly chokes out all other thoughts.

They have learned that the most loyal and trustworthy are those that know no other thoughts than the ones they want them to think. The best warriors have no thoughts of fear or failure. These Bards are usually trained as Rally Masters for armies to keep the troops on point, but there are a few out there that have run from that life and found themselves as leaders of guilds or traveling artist. They love the performance and the fame that their talents bring them. Who wouldn’t?

If you’d like to download the original picture or more of the home brew stuff we have made, make sure to join the Discord (link is on the far right of the social links above) After you join make sure and let us know what you think in the comments!

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