Stixhaven Spoilers and Leaks Galore!

Just two days off of an amazing Strixhaven leak where we found out not only the names of the five schools, but that they were going to be dual color instead of mono or Shard colors. And we’re back at it, folks! Wotc, either by design or by force, have released a set of ‘Command’ cards for each school. These cards reveal the color combos we’ll be looking at.

Also, make sure to read to the end. There are non-Wotc leaks to talk about as well.

Quandrix’s College sports the Semic colors of blue and green. Their motto seems to be ‘Math is Magic’.

Quandrix is apparently steeped in flicker, counter spells, counters and returning cards as well as value back to the library. They are the ‘math nerds’ of the school. But don’t underestimate them. The devil’s in the details. And their power comes from their understanding of the calculations, systems, patterns and power behind the very universe.

Prismari uses Izzet colors and follows the motto, “Express yourself with the elements”.

The options on this card reveal Primari’s ‘disciplines’ to be elemental damage, draw, treasure tokens and Artifact destruction.

Wotc describes Prismari as the ‘theater kids’ of the school, expressive and passionate; much like the elements themselves. Anything they do will be all or nothing and never to be missed. What’s for sure is you will never forget them. They will make sure of that!

Silverquill carries the colors of Orzhov and their motto states, “Sharp Style. Sharper wit.”

Their Command card options are momentary flight and pluses, return from the graveyard to battle field, card draw with a penalty and making your opponent sacrifice a creature.

Silverquill are the wordy bards of the school. Their college is filled with masters of the spoken word. Much like D&D Bards, they are born leaders and inspire many with their incredible way with oratory. But don’t think their words are spoken to just tickle the ear. No, their cutting words are actually…cutting.

Witherbloom is the College carrying Golgari colors and believes you need to ‘get your hands dirty’.

Their options are mill and return, destruction of a nonland/noncreature permanent, nerfing an opponent’s creature and the old opponent loses, you win option.

Witherbloom is described by Wotc as ‘Goth Bio Majors’. Using the essence of life itself to power their spells, they are rather hands on in their way of magic and are not beyond ‘exploiting’ that life to get what they want.

Lorehold’s motto is ‘Leave no stone unturned’ and bear the boros colors.

Their options are token creation, ramp and indestructible, damage and lifegain and sacrificing a permanent for card draw.

They bear the spirit of adventure and a thirst for knowledge wherever it be. Whether digging through tomes, talking to the distant dead or poking around in some dark, dank tomb, they are dedicated to finding the information that fuels their magic.

If this is all we had, it would be plenty. But there have also been a couple of cards ‘leaked’ for Strixhaven; one of which has strong implications as to the story.

MTGSalvation and user Jman396 is the source of this leak which brings us two blue cards from Strixhaven that are totally UNCONFIRMED.

First off, the expected return of Kasmina as one of the planeswalkers for this set seems to be a powerful possibility.

Kasmina, Honorable Prefect 3UU Legendary Planeswalker

Whenever a Wizard enters the battlefield under your control, draw a card, then discard a card and put a loyalty counter on Kasmina.

0: Create a 2/2 blue Wizard creature token

-3: Return up to two target creatures to their owner’s hand

4 starting loyalty

Also an unconfirmed leak suggests that the Phyrexian nightmare has just begun. Jin-Gitaxias is poking around the college for who knows what. But whatever it is, it can’t be good.

Jin-Gitaxias, Sly Instigator 5UU

Legendary Creature-Phyrexian Praetor

Flash, Jin-Gitaxias cannot be countered.

You may cast your first instant or sorcery spell each turn without paying its mana cost.

Whenever an opponent cast their first instant or sorcery spell each turn, counter that spell.


That’s right, opponent’s first instant or sorcery spell countered. Wonder how fast this one gets banned?

There’s more coming, but it’s all I can take for now, true believer! We’re streaming Arena now on Thursday nights around 8 central time. And tonight, we’ll be talking Strixhaven for sure! But come join us each week for more brewed fresh content as well as check out our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and twitter for the latest videos, articles and podcasts for all the MTG content you can stand!!

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