KOMA BRAWL: Chaos Serpents and Krakens



Article by BDC

We’ve been wanting to build decks with Koma since Kaldheim came out. But, you know, the luck of the packs just weren’t with us at first. Finally, we drew a couple on Arena and it was on!

There is everything right about this card. It cannot be countered and it automatically makes 3/3 Serpent tokens on every one’s turn. Now this makes it PERFECT for Commander. Every round, your making 4 of those beauties. So if you can’t get Koma off the field, you have problems.

First problem you have is if one of those 3/3 tokens are on the field, there’s not many ways to get rid of the big snake. I mean, look at that last part of its abilities. As long as it has a serpent to sacrifice, it can gain indestructible at any time. That automatically ratchets it up a notch; fending off those mono red and black decks.

‘What about big stompy?’, I hear you say. Once again, as long as you have those tokens to sacrifice, you can tap ANY target permanent; shutting down their activated abilities too! I mean, there’s still exile, but it’s ready for almost everything else.

Ok, even with all of those pluses, there is one major hurtle for you to clear, having the mana to play this big 7 drop! So, the first task is to make sure our Mana base is set.

First off, we pull in as many nonland permanents to tap for mana as we can. And, if we can get Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy, out, it will ramp twice as hard. We want cards like Paladium Myr, Skyclave Relic, Arcane Signet and Spinning Wheel. You might add Lithorm Engine and Chromatic Orrery to aid in ramping in some of those big serpents.

And speaking of those big serpents. Cards like Frilled Sea Serpent, Verazol and, especially, Serpent of the Yawning Depths are great for this deck. That last one can make almost everything in your deck unblockable adding to Koma’s ability to protect itself with indestructible.

And, if everything in your deck isn’t a kraken, leviathan, octopus or serpent, you can use some cards to make them just that. Startling development seems like a nonsense card all by itself, but if you have the Serpent of the Yawning Depths out and play it on a creature that’s not one of these, it makes it a serpent and, therefore, unblockable. And, if you get in a position that the card’s useless, cycle it for something else! VALUE! Arachnoform makes the creature ALL creature types. Best of all, Maskwood Nexus just makes all of your creatures EVERY CREATURE. So, whether they’re any of the sea creatures you need or not, they are.

Just try this baby out and let me know what you think.

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