Tomes of the Seven Deadly Genie

Somewhere in the sands of Faerun, in a place called Zakhara, the Land of Fate, there stands a monument lost to time. Deep in one of its many deserts, this stone edifice of a sorcerer long dead reaches to the sky; half buried in the sand. If one were to take the time, if this statue were ever to be even found, they could uncover the base which reads ‘Here lies the mighty El Paravan Shakar, adventurer, sorcerer and sage. He walked many worlds, saw many things and his tomes are innumerable.”

It is not known to many, but it is that very statue that points the way to his lost sanctuary where all of those innumerable tomes lie.

Among these tomes is one in particular in which Shakar regales us with his journeys across the Elemental Chaos and his dealings both there and in the Material Plane with strange beings of Genii descent. What follows is an excerpt of a book titled The Extreme Nature of Magic and the Elements Vol 7: The Seven Deadly Genie .


female djinn art by Cindy Avelino, Art Station

“Of all my wanderings and all of the varied, amazing creatures I have encountered, the most exotic and deadly lie in the extremities of the genie bloodline. Not that the normal Genie, if I may call such a creature normal, are not , in their own right, not only exotic but most deadly, but there are those extremes of violence and outright sin that redefines what we know about the very Genie race.

One of the ancient ‘definitions’ of how the Genie race even comes into existence comes from the lips of a sage whose name has been lost to antiquity. However, I would be remiss if I did not, at least, mention this definition since it must begin any such conversation or study.

“A genie is born when the soul of a sentient living creature melds with the primordial matter of an elemental plane.”

This is truly unique among the cosmos; a creature born of the elements and the spark of a mortal soul. And with the ‘coalesce’ of this ‘elemental infused soul’ into a new, original creature, there is some understanding, some sharing of the mortal condition to the extent that the differing vestiges of Genie respond to it and mimic the best and worst of the emotional spectrum. They interact with these emotions in an almost childlike exploration and an even more immature personal expression of them.

Sometimes, the soul that fuses to the elements to become a Genie enters this union after leaving the material plane under duress of extreme trauma due to heinous acts of sin perpetuated upon them. It is in this moment of violent death and just as violent rebirth that a strange type of Genie are born. These creatures latch on to one of seven elements that has a special connection to the sin that ended their life. But it’s more than that. The birth of one of these (the Seven Deadly for lack of a better term) is more a combination of a calling, a cry for help and a quest all in one. They. are born not only of emotion, but of outrage and a sense of revenge.

For, you see, the very act that ended their former life, begins their new life in a moment of destiny and purpose. As most of the genie are born with little or no recollection of any of their original life, the Seven Deadly, although they may too suffer from memory loss, will know one thing to be sure; the being that ended their former life either directly or through sinful act will always be known to them. Not only that, but it will be this genie’s life passion to hunt this creature down and make sure they pay the price for their sin in the most appropriate way possible.

What follows is what I know about these Genie and the width and breadth of my information about each one.”



“We will begin at the top. Or that is the way these beings see themselves. I speak, not of one of the Seven Deadly, but of the one whose act has given reason for such a creature to come into existence. So, as with the very order of this Djinn’s creation, we begin with the act so monstrous that it reached to the very heights of the Elemental Chaos itself and begged to be given birth.

The soul that erupts into the storm that is reborn as a Crown Djinn emerges from the dire results of one being’s unchecked hubris. Their malefactor is usually a person of great power and station; one who sits in judgment over a people, nation or kingdom. This one who rules over others has an overinflated vision of themselves. They believe themselves to be in their rightful place seeing that they are above all others. Their place of power is seen more as their right and privilege than a responsibility.

They deserve things others don’t. And their desires and urges far out weigh other’s welfare. Given time, beings of such utter pride will ‘ascend’ to godhood above all conventional laws of morality. It is this moment that the pompous and the vain cause injury and even death to the many necks that they have rested their boots on.

The CROWN DJINN are born from the cry of the downtrodden who die in servitude of these power mongers, oppressors and despots of the highest order. Coming to life as a storm of continental proportions, they rage into existence with one single goal: return to the land under the control and umbrella of this despot’s self-worth and bring about their end by toppling them off the monumental pedestal they have built for themselves.

Even after that the Crown Djinn accomplishes this, their work is not done. For they will always be drawn to another King, Queen or Ruler who doesn’t deserve the power they have and are vastly abusing those under them. This is because there are no shortages of such tyrants. Like the poor, they will always be with us. And until something finally destroys the Crown Djinn, it will always seek out another oppressor and work to free the people of this country, nation or organization from their undeserving hands.

Crown Djinn are, of course, born of the lofty element of air. Like their brethren, they are proud creatures, but, because of the soul they were born from, they would never value themselves so high that others suffered. They can be found on the wind of revolution. Always involved in the overthrow of one persecutor or another; while staying out of sight. Like the wind, you can not see it, but you feel its effect and see the power it wields as it tosses those living in its ire to and fro. It is because of the Crown Djinn that rulers fear the coming storm and thunder sends those willing to their knees; ready to repent.”

Crown Genasi

“You have descended from a long line who claim the blood of a very powerful, very focused Djinn.  Just like your namesakes, Crown Djnn, Crown Genasi are charismatic leaders with a strong moral compass that leads them to help others be free of rulers who abuse their powers.  You may still be leading the revolution for your fallen ancestor or moved onto any other cause.

You usually stay in the background; leading from the shadows.  But their operatives know who you are and will follow you to the end, even death and will never you up to the authorities.  Crown Genasi usually have wavy hair that bounce in the wind with fair complexions from white to light blue.  Your skin in various places have the scars as if struck by lightning.”

Ability Score Increase: +1 to Charisma

Touch of the Storm: Whenever you make a successful melee attack against an opponent, you do an extra 1D6 lighting damage.

Storm Resistance: You have resistance to both lightning and Thunder damage

The Eye of the Storm: You know the thunder clap cantrip.  Once you reach third level, you can cast the spell Fog Cloud once with this trait as a 1st level spell and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest.  Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.  When you cast these or any other spell, you take on the visage of the storm with lightning roiling across your skin and flashing from your eyes which go white.



“Efreet are known for their ‘fire’ and volatile nature. But the Blood Efreet are retribution incarnate. They are born of a soul murdered unjustly especially in the thralls of wrath. Exploding into life in the fire of the Elemental Chaos, these Blood Efreet rush to find the creature who murdered them in their past life. Once the killer is found and given a fiery sentence, many Blood Efreet will disappear into a fire ball of exultation.

Still many strong souls continue their task of bringing justice to those that prey on weaker beings especially. The act of hunting down these easy prey and ritualistically murdering them is an act so outside the moral norms that it boggles the imaginations of most policing forces. The Blood Efreet are well equipped to stalk such heinous prey with a high intelligence and an unearthly Rage.

Blood Efreet are also taken to stopping killers of an extraordinary strength and magical ability. Anything that raises them above the local authorities ability to deal with them may attract them. Some believe it’s more about the challenge than any moral imperative. The soul, taken from life violently and suddenly, comes out the other end a bit warped and maniacal. But they would sooner burst into flames and vanish than to injure an innocent. So there must be a fraction of the murdered soul still within the Efreet somewhere.

Art by Jason Engle

They are not social creatures and usually hunt alone. They may take on Blood Efreet Genasi, of their own bloodline or not, to assist in the hunt. But ‘mortals’ are not worthy or prepared for the hunt. Those that do either follow or come into contact with them will, more than likely, see them as much of a threat as that they hunt. But usually they come short of proving such perceptions correct.”


“It is rare that Blood Efreet involve themselves enough with others to actually sire children. But, whether through blood or spirit, some Genasi arise with the fire of the Efreet and the burning hatred for those who take life into their own hands. You may still be on the trail of the original creature that killed the soul of your ancestor or you may actually be driven to investigate and hunt down those who hunt their own. You hair is usually crimson red and long. You eyes flash with fire and your skin smells a bit of ash.”

Ability Score Increase: +1 to Wisdom

Fire of Will: A fire rages within you that will not be extinguished. Once per Long Rest, if your hit points drop to 0, they drop to 1 instead.

Piercing Resistance: Your skin takes on a charred, fire touched look and it makes you resistant to Piercing Damage.

Burning Passion: You know the fire bolt cantrip.  Once you reach third level, you can cast the spell Burning Hands once with this trait as a 1st level spell and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest.  Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.



“This rebirth is more subtle than any of the other, for it is harder for the naked eye to see its source. With the Crown Djinn, it takes a cruel despot abusing their subjucts which is easily spotted. The Cold Heart Djinn or Qorrash are their polar opposite. These spirits of retribution are drawn to people of power and influence that, instead of abusing their power, see injustices and evil and do nothing.

There is another quote from an unknown sage that says, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

It is far more than apathy. It is inexcusable inaction. For when people of power turn a cold eye to those in torment, bondage and death, for them, this is sin of the highest part. Kings, military leaders, business power brokers, leaders from prominent families all share the same responsiblity; come to the aid of the downtrodden. They are to keep a watchful eye on their world and seek to change it for the better when they can.

Art by Alexandr Leskinen on Artstation

The soul that resurrects into a Cold Heart Qorrash has either suffered great personal torture and death or been a victin of the loss of someone (a parent, sibling, friend) whose death and pain could have been remedied if only those with the power to do so made the effort to intervene. Exacting retribution against a power like this is much harder than rallying troops against an abusing tyrant. Most may not connect the dots; therefore the Cold Heart must take on this journey along. In fact, to the outside world, the actions of this particular Djinn would be seen as evil and unlawful. But the ways of man do not concern the burning quest of the Genie and they will not stop until a suitable punishment is exacted.”


“You are descended from a noble spirit who rose to be a champion of the down trodden and made themselves the self-appointed judge of the ruling powers of this world. You have been taught that power is a responsibility and you feel the drive to hold them accountable for their shortfalls. You are a loner and come off cold to any associates. But your heart is with those who have no voice; no agency. And your ire is with those who have failed those under their power.”

Art by Mind-Waker on Deviantart

Ability Score Increase: +1 to Dexterity

Hard to hit: When an opponent is able to use an attack of opportunity, You may chose for them to do so at disadvantage a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus.

Icy Resistance: You are resistant to Cold damage

Know your Enemy: You know the True Strike cantrip.  Once you reach third level, you can cast the spell Cause Fear once with this trait as a 1st level spell and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest.  Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.



“Some souls enter the afterlife horribly scared and broken. Such are those who died in the grip of a monstrous preditor who exploited them sexually till the end. It becomes this newly created genie’s driving passion to hunt this monster down and end his hunt. This is one of the hardest to talk about. Such a sin against, usually, a weaker victim, is unconscionable. This abused soul latches on enigmatically to the element of water becoming a Marid who hunts beings with urges they refuse to control.

Their targets are those whose desires have become lust and their lust becomes a crime against those who cannot protect themselves. Carrying this unspeakable act within their soul, they rise from the seas of the Elemental Chaos as a waterspout that rages to the sky. Its pain becomes the force of the sea washing into the world it left in search for the maniacal fiend who took advantage of their former selves.

The sad part of this is that creatures like this don’t usually stop at one victim. Once they have had their way with one, they will search to satiate the inner hunger for that act that should have been sacred, special and full of love. They have corrupted something that was supposed to be experienced with someone who cared deeply for them. Instead, all they have left is rage and a bitter hatred for this wolf among the sheep.

Unlike some of the Seven Deadlies, the Urge Marid will never stop its hunt. Once one sexual preditor is taken care of, they move on to the next in almost the same fervor (maybe more) than the animal that hurt them. They will be forever on the edge of law and order as most Genie who work outside of the laws of most societies. In fact, the Marid may look upon the bureaucracy of most policing forces as part of the problem and treat them with much disdain. The Marid’s existence is passion and thus the Urge Marid is driven from hunt to hunt by the pain of their last experience of the last life.”

Urge Marid Genasi

“Like Urge Marid before you, you are driven to hunt those who prey on the week for their own sexual pleasure. This may take many different forms: From sexual assault to control to mental and sexual abuse. You have no pity for those that hunt, rape and abuse those with no ability to stop it. Your passions roil like the churning sea. You wear your heart on your sleeve and let all know you are a champion of the fallen and the enemy of the wolves among them. Your skin runs from a blue-green to a dark blue and your hair swirls like the maelstrom.”

Ability Score Increase: +1 to Wisdom

Reckless Passion: On your first attack, you can chose a reckless attack like the Barbarian ability, but only a number of times equal to your proficiency modifier.

Protection of the depths: You have resistance to Cold damage.

Strike Fear: You know the minor illusion cantrip.  Once you reach third level, you can cast the spell Chaos Bolt once with this trait as a 1st level spell but only for cold damage and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest.  Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.



“Some souls enter the Elemental Chaos after suffering loss as something precious was taken from them. It need not be an object, but it may. But it could just as well be a person, a title or ability. And, most of the time, the person who took that something important from you didn’t need it in the first place. Hoard Dao are drawn to creatures of deep avarice and greed. They hunt those who take what they want, not what they need. And, usually, it does irreparable damage to those they take from.

As usual, the act of retribution against the monster who took your possession leading to the loss of life is more about putting this creature in its place. Hoard Dao are notorious for hunting dragons; for they are the greediest of all.

Hoard Dao make great thieves for they are motivated to separate the fiend from his gold. If necessary, the Dao will redistribute the gold to the needy and forgotten. But it will especially go back to those it was taken from. Hoard Dao have an uncanny ability to know where something stolen belongs and they will sometimes move heaven and earth to see that it gets into the right hands.”


“As a Hoard Genasi, you have become a protector of the greatest secrets, treasure, lore and knowledge known to your world. In your quest to make sure what is lost is returned, you have developed a sense of what actually needs to be returned and what doesn’t.

You still exact a powerful retribution against those who take from others to the extent that it destroys all of those connected. You are especially a hunter of thieves of the highest or, in this case, lowest caliber. Hoard Dao are naturally drawn to Dragonborn and sire most of their children with them. So there is a high chance that you are from dragon descent. Whether of not you are, you usually have a strong build and have either a scaly hide or a rock like nature. Most Hoard Genasi have no hair and skin usually tends to be black to brown to tan.”

Ability Score Increase: +1 to Strength

Breath of Retribution: If you do not naturally have a breath weapon (as with the Dragonborn), you recieve one that you may use as many times equal to your Proficiency Modifier. You chose the type the same way the Dragonborn does.

Draconic Resistance: You receive resistance associated with the type of breath weapon you take.

Powerful Blood: You know the Ray of Frost cantrip but the damage done is the same as your breath weapon.  Once you reach third level, you can cast the spell Chaos Bolt once with this trait as a 1st level spell that does damage akin to your breath weapon and you regain the ability to cast it this way when you finish a long rest.  Constitution is your spellcasting ability for these spells.



“Whereas, the other ‘Seven Deadlies’ have a moral center, the next two are nothing of the kind. Birthed from the darkest of places, they know nothing but consumption and destruction.

The first of these is an odd creature to define. Some say this type of genie are birthed from a soul that never knew fulfillment; only knew hunger and thirst. This may be a hunger for food and thirst for water, but it may very well have a greater meaning. This creature, whatever the case, was always wanting,never full. So, in death and glorious rebith, it is the same.

Instead of leaping from the elements of the chaos that have birthed all of the others, the Oblivion Ooze draws from a deeper, more fiendish place. For to even try and talk about oozes leads to a mass of confusion. On the one hand, there are creatures from those places in the Elemental Chaos that the primoridial elements of earth and water collide that have been called oozes. More correctly and to not cause confusion, I would rather classify them as ‘Mud Elementals’ or sludge.

The Oblivion Ooze draws more from actual oozes that are created in the abysmal depths of the abyss itself. From the spawn of Juiblex, there comes a unique joining of hungering spirit, elemental spark and fiendish power. Like all other oozes, the Oblivion Ooze spawns into inglorious rebirth, hungry and looking for something of which to consume. But, totally unlike them, this ooze bursts into the Abyss with the dark power of the genie For, as the Abyss abides as a cyst in the elemental chaos, it draws the elements into its sinking existance; creating many demonic abominations that ache to inflict pain upon mortal kind.

In this instance, earth and water have seeped deep into the Abyss combining into a muddly sludge and have been given sentience, not from Juiblex, but from the elemental power of the genie themselves. For not all strong souls are born of joy and pain. Some are ravenous devours of everything they come into contact with; threatening the existence of all around them. They were this way in life and now, in death and hideous rebirth, they are even more so.

Although powerful and a sight to behold as they eat everything in their path, they are not welcome in the Abyss; by other oozes nor Juiblex. But the Master of Oozes still delights inflicting these eating machines to the mortal planes where they can endanger whole planets with their insatiable appitites.

NOTE: There has never been a Genasi reported from this type of creature”



“The last of the Seven Deadly is reborn in the darkest portion of the Elemental Chaos. It is in the places among the other elements that no light shines and no life can exist. Long ago, the elements were in separate planes as were the powers of life and death; light and dark. But, that was before the collapse where all of the very composition of life itself twisted together into a chaotic blend of power. But, as with all life, light does not exist without dark; life does not exist with death. The dark power of what was once called The Negative Elemental Plane now is drained into a swirl of power and life and still it holds its ebon energies of death.

It seethes among the abundance of life. But it doesn’t hate it as you would think. Instead, it envies it; longs for what it has. It aches painfully to have it. And have it, it will. It is the nature of darkness to always seek to engulf the light; to try and devour it. And, it is the way of death to NEED to end life. It wants what it is, what it has, but can’t ever have it. And that is what drives the Negative Element. It reaches for what has been termed the ‘positive’; the flourishing energies of nature.

Much like all of the other genie and totally unlike them, a strong soul from the material plane who shares the same envy of what it cannot have resurrects into a being of pure spite, darkness and entropy. I have no great details about their power or ability and, for that, I am truly sorry. But I have it on great authority and personal testimony that such creatures do exist. Unfortunately, very few adventurers have seen these beings of darkness and want and lived to report.

What we do know is that their connection to these negative energies allows them the most dark and destructive powers. Some say their touch takes the life from the living and their embrace can consume them. They wield these dark powers like sorcerers but their relationship with the negative element seems more like that of a Warlock with a Patron. But what dark power they be bending a knee to? What unimaginable entity of darkness and dread could be powerful enough to defy life itself and yet be worth the risk of binding oneself to unlife? What rewards are worth this?

Well, as I said before, this creature was born in much the same ilk as all genie. A powerful mortal soul binds to an elemental power; in this case, the element of negative energy. It’s in their blood; part of their nature. Maybe it’s that they share the same type of yearnings. Possibly, it’s an understanding that binds them. They are, after all, of the same element. Maybe what I can only come to call a Void Elemental is just an extension of the negative surge of darkness and death that flows in the midst of the Elemental Chaos.

Whatever the case, the being has been known to draw close to centers of life and movement; like cities or grand forests. But the areas they touch are never left quite the same. What is left in their wake is nothing short of death and decay. According to the reports, it is nothing short of a miracle that these creatures are ever destroyed. Since they consume life, much of the living is lost in such an endeavor. But, if left to roam whatever plane they are plaguing, when done, there would be no life left.”

This is where the tome ended, unfortunately. There were several spaces left for what one could only imagine were for illustrations. I will continue to dig into this sages ancient tomes from his hidden library which will remain hidden. Past that, I can only set out to visit some of the places mentioned in his notes hidden within the scrolls. If I find anything further, you will be the first to know.

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