Gods, Planeswalkers and other creatures: Speculation for MTG’s Forgotten Realms

The hits just keep on coming, kids! Welcome back to The Magic Tavern where it’s speculation 24/7/365! This is BDC and I am beyond excited for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms coming in July this year. This is mainly because Wotc seems to be extra excited and spoilery real early!

First up, Wotc went the full monty and, not only, gave us a god card, but the five headed Dragon God of the chromatic dragons! We have further speculated what other god cards we could see in a previous article!

But they didn’t stop there!

They teased renditions of D&D flavor spells and magic items. Especially excited was the magic item/equipment, The vorpal sword. This one brings back fond memories. Remind me to tell you that story one day. And that’s how they get you! This set is going to be a nostalgia fireball!!

So today’s drop just keeps the fires a burnin’!!

First off, as with many of my speculations, Wotc burns down a speculation about Lolth being one of the ‘god cards’ that they would replace the Theros ones that’s leaving at the renewal. Not only that, although they made it seem that we would not get any new planeswalkers, Wotc drops the biggest bomb of all. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Lolth, the Spider Queen of the Drow AS a Planesawalker!

This begs the question: ARE we going to get god cards from this set? Or will WOTC give the Planeswalker treatment to the other gods of Faerun as well? I mean, this keeps players from syncing Lolth with The World Tree, but we really should get some god cards (I know. I’m sorry. I’m like a broken record…lol).

But, to be honest, the gods of Faerun/Forgotten Realms ARE planeswalkers and should be, probably, the only creatures allowed this gift. I just can’t wait to see what Wotc pulls next.

So, now, all of you on the facebook groups and on reddit lurkers that I’ve been telling you not to expect any new planeswalkers can tell me you told me so! It doesn’t hurt my feelings. Not exceptionally cool with this card as a whole, but that ‘death tribal’ motif and spider creature token machine will come in real handy in Standard.

And we have the truly legendary Drizzt Do’urden! I mean, with some of the set artwork showing him off, there was no way we weren’t getting this card. And it HAD to be legendary, so we should have expected all along to gain him as a Commander!

Not sure how good a commander he’ll be but it’s built for green stompies to take the fall to fuel Drizzt’s power! It also makes a token out of the ranger’s companion, that big, black cat of doom, Guenhwyvar!

AND this brings me to another major question to beg: Since we have our FIRST Ranger creature type in MTG, does that mean we will get more types that are specific to the Forgotten Realms?

Will VOLO aka Volothamp Geddarm be making an appearance, as well, as MTG’s first BARD?

My point is that most of the classes listed in the Players Handbook of 5E are covered as creature types in Magic. Until today, there were only three that have never showed up in MTG: Ranger, Bard and Sorcerer. Well, with the introduction of Drizzt Do’Urder, we have our first RANGER! Can Bards and Sorcerers be far behind? And I would totally expect to be more rangers as well other than Drizzt. Cool new tribals! Bring it on, Wotc!

Finally, we totally expect to see Moradin, God of the Dwarves of Faerun make an appearance in this set as a dwarf tribal boost. One clue we may see him is the appearance of a legendary dwarf that will totally power up that dwarf deck I built back in Kaldheim.

Showing us that Boros is NOT dead yet, this Legendary Dwarf ramps creatures with equipments and makes the first equip cost each turn 0. I can see people readying their Embercleaves for one last Boros/Dwarven push before renewal.

But I’d expect those Kaldheim equipments to shine in a deck led by Bruenor, especially that bearded axe that ALSO ramps for each equipment as well as Dwarves and Vehicles!

And, lastly, with Bruenor making the cut for Adventures of the Forgotten Realms, you really have to ask, ‘How many more of Drizzt’s friends will make the set?”

What Forgotten Realms characters do you want to see make the grade? Do you like what you see so far? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on social media! The links are on the homepage!

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