Are you ready to venture into the dungeon?

Okay, So let’s take a quick minute to talk about the POSSIBLE, yes I said possible, new mechanic in the next main set of Magic: the Gathering. A potential leaked card from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms was released onto Reddit today and… it’s a doozy. We love new mechanics and changing up the game is always fun but this one leaves us all wondering what could it possibly be? Well, I’ve got some ideas! 

As you can see on the card, When the cloister gargoyle enters the battlefield you venture into the dungeon. It also gets +3/+0 if you have completed a dungeon. This left people scrambling trying to think of what this new mechanic could possibly do and what it would mean for the game. To me, it is one of two things and both seem a little strange to release into a standard legal set. This honestly feels like it would have been a little more fun as an “un-set” where the cards didn’t affect standard and thus could do all sorts of crazy stuff! But, I digress. Here are the two options for what the dungeon mechanic in Adventures in the Forgotten Realm could be.

  1. The Dungeons / Saga type enchantments – Sagas in MTG tick up at each of your upkeep until they reach their final conclusions, telling a story as they go. These are automatic triggers and unless another card affects them, happen every turn. Well, the dungeon cards could work a little differently. Instead of automatically ticking up each upkeep. What if they only move to the next “level” of the dungeon when you play a card that says you “venture into the dungeon”. This would show progressing through the dungeon and the creatures or situations that you would encounter on the way. To me, this would be a neat way of using the mechanics of DnD in the MTG world. I truly hope that this is how these cards end up working. While they may not be super powerful, if done right you could possibly complete an entire dungeon in one turn and get amazing buffs for doing so.
  1. The return of the “Level Up” mechanic – Many people have been hoping for the level up mechanic to return in this set. To me this is almost a sure thing and if it is ever going to return, this is the place to do it. Perhaps the dungeon cards play off of a version of this mechanic. Having to complete certain criteria to move on to the next level of the dungeon. This is also very interesting but I hope the mechanics are different and to me the flavor will be better if we have the level up mechanic on creatures and the dungeons are a bit different.

What do you guys think the new dungeon mechanic will be? How would it work if you made it? Do you even think the leak will prove to be true or is all of this talk for nothing? Let us know in the comments or follow us on social media by clicking the links in the top right corner! We can’t wait to hear from you! Until next time!

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