New Legendary Creatures bring perfect D&D Flavor to Commander

Well, fellow Tavern Mages, it’s spoiler season for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. But before it all breaks loose tomorrow, we received some insight into what the faces of the Commander Sets for AFR are going to be. And, although the four were not the party that we thought was set up way back in Zendikar Rising. These four DO bring the flavor of a great D&D party!


Prosper is the epitome of the Warlock class. He claims to have gained his power in a gamble with an unknown entity. Classic gambling with your very life and soul here!

I think it obviously draws from the Warlock’s Pact of the Tome feature they receive at 3rd level. The lore given actually says that is his BOOK OF SHADOWS that holds his secrets and power! (Just like the Player’s Handbook description)

Prosper is also a tiefling, although there is no such thing in MTG. More than likely, he will be listed as a Devil Warlock.

The deck he headlines is called PLANAR PORTAL and represents the color combo of red/black. Classic Rakdos. Strange colors for a deck about portals. I was totally expecting white/blue with lots of exile or phasing.

Speaking of Phasing. In the teaser put out today by Gavin Verhey, game designer at Wizards of the Coast, one of them stated, ‘a white card that can phase out your own creatures’. Unfortunately, it’s in white. But there were two clues given that mentioned curses that are SO Rakdos.

  • A cursed version of a previous D&D inspired Magic card.
  • A brand new enchant player curse

I could totally see these two in this deck. I especially look forward to the new, cursed version of that returning D&D inspired card.

Check out MTGGOLDFISH on July 2nd for more details!


Vrondiss is a barbarian, Dragonborn. But, as with the spoiled card, Nadaar, Selfless Paladin, it will be listed with a creature type, Dragon Barbarian.

IT looks like they have flavored him with the Barbarian subclass, Path of the Ancestral Guardian. The artwork seen above even shows the spirits of his ancestors standing behind him ready to support him.

He is the face of the Precon deck, Draconic rage, and will be sporting the colors of Red/Green aka Gruul. Cool sidenote: using Dragon in the creature type makes them part of any Dragon Tribal deck.

Teasers given that might be a fit for Vrondiss:

  • An equipment with Equip 10.
  • A new card with MELEE

A bruiser like Vrondiss could definitely be seen carrying a weapon that costs a LOT! And either the Barbarian or the Paladin coming later would be a good fit for the Melee keyword. For those who don’t know, that gives Vrondiss a +1/+1 for each opponent he attacks that turn until end of turn. That’s a limit of +3/+3, but that’s a jump.

Loadingreadyrun will be showing this deck off July 2nd.


Since Sefris’ “specialty is in necromancy”, I assume they are a wizard. This character ‘has the ability to sustain life or end it’. We were also told to expect reanimation effects.

With a Precon deck named “Dungeons of Death“, I expect a lot of necromantic flavor! It’s colors will be Blue/BLack/White; an interesting mix.

CHeck out MTG Muddstah for details July 2nd.

Teasers dropped today by Gavin Verhey that fit this necromancer are:

  • A card that uses component counters
  • Creature Type: Beholder Skeleton


Galea is a Drow paladin. She is known for bringing light wherever she goes.

She is the face of the deck AURA OF COURAGE which sports the colors Blue/Green/White. Being a Paladin in these colors may bring tokens, counters or card draw. Lots of options.

The Command Zone will be letting us in on this deck on July 2nd.

I find it obvious and interesting that they dropped a necromancer and what seems to be a good paladin in the same party. But there are a lot of factors at work here. And there are things Wotc has been working with on in both ends of their company; D&D and MTG. First, they made the party member of light, the Drow; further veering away from the traditional ‘born bad’ Drow. There is also a long running tension on whether Necromancers can be good. Wotc obviously is trying to settle this discussion to a certain extent. And, the inclusion of the Tiefling/devil character balances this team to a true neutral party.

I like what they’ve done. They are making statements here that may be a bit too heavy handed, but the flavor is strong and it is unmistakably D&D. I can’t wait to see more cards from these sets and will have to before making any judgements. So far, so good. Looking over these characters, there is nothing that doesn’t shout Dungeons and Dragons!

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