Innistrad Speculation: The Eldrazi in the Room

The following speculation comes from the unrelenting mind of BDC (God forgive me)

Side note: I am aware that Maro stated there would be “no Eldrazi’ in the two Innisrad sets. Just because we get no cards with the Eldrazi creature type, does not mean iui t isn’t a strong part of the underlying story.

A combination of things has my speculation meter spiking. The last article I did touched upon a supposed ‘leak’ that announced the return of the Eldrazi. The very fact that we are headed into two sets grounded in Innistrad, the very place where the last Eldrazi is entombed, has me both excited and nervous. Even the leaks of the domains announcing a return to Kamigawa points to the Eldrazi in the room…I mean, MOON. Of course, I’m talking about Emrakul, the last of the Eldrazis.

Do I think Wotc is actually going to unleash the moon monster upon Innistrad? Probably not. But, number one, going to Innistrad opens us up to the conversation, at least. Number two, just the fact that she’s in the moon, there in Innistrad, makes her part of the story.

First of all, a recap.

Emrakul was one of the Eldrazi titans that devastated Zendikar. Nahiri, self-chosen protector of this plane, used her planeswalking power to displace the titan to Innistrad in an attempt to exact revenge upon that plane’s resident planeswalker, Sorin. After rampaging the land and ravaging Innistrad’s populace, Emrakul became tired of it all. Announcing that it just wasn’t time, the titan manipulated Tamiyo, a visiting planeswalker, to exact a spell she swore to never use to imprison Emrakul in the silver moon of Innistrad where she is to this day.

It must be understood that the Gatewatch (the planesawalker super friends) never came close to defeating the titan. Emrakul is in the moon because she wills it so. And, it is there she waits till the proper time. When this time is will be anyone’s guess. But there is always a possibility that it will, at least, begin with these next two installments.

Emrakul to Jace, “I am already winning!” (The Promised End/Wotc Story)

Another point of conversation here is the fact that the Phyrexians, another of Wotc’s super-bads, have been up to no good lately. Vorinclex popping in on the new plane of Kaldheim and snagging the sap from the world tree may give the scheming Phyrexians immortality. But what are they really after? It all stems from legacy and longevity, perfection and evolution. They have been strangely silent since Kaldheim. I’m not sure what they would want with the Titan in the moon, but these next sets are a great place for a surprise of sorts. We’ve been expecting a visit from one of Elesh Norn’s emissaries all year. This would be both the most likely and most unexpected place for such an incursion.

And, then there’s Tamiyo. She’s a moonfolk planeswalker from the plane of Kamigawa. It was her spell that put Emrakul in the moon in the first place. She left this plane bewildered and puzzled. I do believe that she is irrevocably connected to Emrakul. The titan reached into her mind and used her to cast the imprisonment spell. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the set after Innistrad is Kamigawa. whether Emrakul escapes or not, I do believe there will be contact made. There will be stirrings from the titan and someone will go to Kamigawa to consult Tamiyo about the spell, the titan and what the future holds.

Another enigma is Teferi. He has shown up on several leaked artwork for boxes and packs. Now, mind you, he has NOT shown up on any of the official spoilers, YET. But a lot of the artwork shown in the same pic with Teferi on the packs have actually been shown to be true.

So, it seems reasonable to consider the leaks some sort of prepublication artwork. That being the case, it is highly likely that we will see Teferi in Innistrad. But why?

The last official story we got about Teferi was the mop-up for War of the Spark. He was headed back to help Karn with the Mirran resistance. And what were they resisting? Phyrexians.

Is that why Teferi shows up on Innistrad? Is he following a lead of what the Phyrexians are up to? Is he the person with coin from many planes that paid Kaya to look into Kaldheim?

It’s all pure speculation, of course. But, needless to say, after a Vorthos drought, we’re looking at a bunker crop of lore for the rest of the year!

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