Innistrad Speculation: The Tribes of Midnight Hunt

Last week we looked at the overall possibilities that might be coming over the next year. This week, let’s focus in on the next set coming for Wotc, Midnight Hunt. This set was originally called Innistrad: Werewolves in the previews telling us that we would be focusing in on the werewolf side of Innistgrad. Crimson Vow, coming in another two months, will be highlighting the other major tribe in Innistrad: Vampires. This return was so big that it warranted two sets and may have changed the way we look at standard for years to come.

Ok, to look at Innistrad as a plane, we must first look at the five tribes that make this set what it is.


As said before, MIDNIGHT HUNT is centering on the Werewolves in Innistrad. And, although the influence of Embrakul seems to be gone, something is happening to this plane that unleashes a myriad of possibilities in the sets to come. First of all, it has already been stated in the sneak peak that Innistrad’s days are beginning later and ending sooner.

The new stylistic, black and white lands in Midnight Hunt are called ‘ETERNAL NIGHT’ lands. Obviously night is encroaching upon the day; threatening to envelop Innistrad in an eternal shroud of darkness. This, of course, is when the monsters come out and hunt. Obviously, Innistrad is in danger of being consumed by the night thus leaving the monsters to rule all.

“Life on Innistrad is dominated by the single moon in its sky. Though the inhabitants of the plane know little about it, the moon drives the seasons and also hunting patterns of the monsters, harvests of the humans, etc.” Fandom Wiki

This, along with the fact that Innistrads werewolves have gone ‘plumb looney’, it tells us that something is wrong with the moon possibly. What has sparked this ‘Midnight Hunt’? Will the days continue to grow shorter until they are no more? Does it have something to do with the entity in the moon that shall remain nameless? All good questions.

If Werewolves are back, you can bet the farm that TRANSFORM, as a mechanic, is back too! But what form? ANd what will drive the mechanic? Will it be the ‘no spells last turn trigger’? OR will it simply be a mana activated ability. I’m about sure the majority won’t be like Werewolf Pack Leader, although having that card also in standard will be a big boost to the werewolf tribal decks out there! No, it will most definitely be the double sided ‘transform’ cards. Let’s just hope they are more playable than past renditions. (And YES I know they were ‘playable’ but not easily)

Let me pitch you an alternative:

I know it’s a bit late, since Wotc has their cards printed, but I think a great alternative to the original transform/flip cards is something akin to mutate.

The werewolves would be cards like the one on the right (Gemrazer) but, instead of being Mutate, they would be Transform. AND, instead of only working on non-human, Werewolf/Transform cards would ONLY work on human creatures.

I don’t think you give the option of over or under, though. The Transform/Werewolf card would ALWAYS go on top. The only problem is there would need to be a mana driven mechanic to change them back. Maybe. Needs some work, but I think it would ‘transform’ the werewolf game in Innistrad.

But, before all of you go after the torches and pitchforks, double-faced cards have been confirmed in every Draft Booster pack. Still doesn’t answer the question: What will the Transform Mechanic look like.

Whatever the mechanic, there is sure to be one particular Werewolf from Innistrad in this next set. I mean, I think we can agree who the werewolf is on the draft booster box.

If we’re attempting to return to the old feel of Innistrad, there’s no better way than to bring back the protector of the Ulvenwald herself, Arlinn Kord. She was last seen of Ravnica during War of the Spark, but will obviously return to face whatever’s happening on her home plane.

Another possible return would be this Gruul Werewolf, Ulrich, pride of the Krallenhorde.


Another powerful tribal we’re sure to get in Midnight Hunt are HUMANS.

And Wotc has thrust them center stage indeed! Beginning the story on the eve of the humans HARVESTIDE FESTIVAL, we find them struggling for answers with the days gowning shorter and the werewolves on the hunt. With their angel, Avacyn, out of the picture, they will need alternatives. Once again, the sneak peak gave us some details.

Without their angel, the humans of Innistrad will “turn to older, and perhaps darker forms of magic to stave off the onslaught of the different monsters, most particularly the werewolves”. Witches and Warlocks believe the Harvestide Festival is where they will fight back against the ever increasing night and the creatures that come out in the dark to devour them.

It will be at this festival where the witches and warlocks will step to the forefront. Be ready to see some new Shaman and Warlock creatures for Human tribal.

We’ve already seen the leaked green/white commander, Leinore, Autumn Sovereign, that shows this bewiching character keeping the ‘festival’s revels from faltering’. It is these powerful witches and warlocks who will bring hope to the rituals and try and save them all.

We have even been given a cool new mechanic called COVEN. The +1/+1 counter every combat shows the unity of the witches/warlocks and the growth of their power in the face of the hunt. Also, a little card draw never hurt anyone…unless it mills them out…nevermind.

The traditional Innistrad color scheme has humans in Green/White. JOIN THE DANCE is a sorcery that adds to the human’s numbers. And, FLASHBACK has been added as a mechanic as well. And ‘Human’ tokens would come in handy if Wotc would go for that ‘TRANSFORM‘ card type we talked about. No? Ok.

One of the more popular humans from Innistrad is Thalia. She barely survived Eldritch Moon, but I’m sure is ready for action in Midnight Hunt! I think it would be great if they gave her the MDFC treatment with her on one side and the SPEAR OF AVACYN on the other.


I’m going to save this conversation until we get closer to Crimson Vow. Leave it to say, expect a few vampires in this set, but nothing like the next.


The fourth tribe in Innistrad is the walking dead; fondly labeled zombies. Their color is usually Blue/Black and I believe, especially after Innistrad, that we’re about to see a resurgence.

One of the few cards spoiled thus far, is flavorful reemergence of an older card. Champion of the Parrish becomes Champion of the Perished. But, not only that, but it is a zombie that gains +1 counters for every zombie entering the battlefield.

I think Zombie Tribal in standard has a good base. Kaldheim went a long way to getting things ready for Innistrad. I can’t wait to see how these new cards synch with the cards like Narfi.

One couple they could bring back for our return is Gisa and Geralf Carcani. They had an ongoing undead war that was interrupted by Eldritch Moon.


The last tribe in Innistrad is Spirits. And although none have been spoiled, CONSIDER mentions geists in the flavor text. They come in blue and white and usually flying but not automatic.

Will we get a new Saint Traft card in this set?


We’ve already talked about Arlinn Kord coming back to Innistrad. But what others?

Sorin, Vampire Lord of Innistrad is ago seeing as he’s on the box art for Crimson Vow. And that’s just it. His big planeswalker card probably won’t come until the second set.

Although we already received the best Tibalt card so far in Kaldheim, the good news is it’s still in standard. So you can combine the Innistrad cards with your favorite devilish planeswalker for flavor.

The only planeswalker spoiled so far is Wrenn and Seven. Looks to be able to stand on its own or can power a landfall deck. Either way, this looks to be a powerful card.

Funny that we’re getting DAVRIEL, SOUL BROKER right before Midnight Hunt. Davriel is, after all, from Innistrad and you would hope that they could work him in. Doesn’t look like it. And it’s too bad it’s not in standard either.

A supposed leak from way back insinuated that Teferi was on his way back. Still possible, but the odds aren’t good.

And who is the chick with weird headdress? Is she a new planeswalker?

And is she the same woman on the collector booster box art? Once again, a new planeswalker?

That’s about all the speculation I have in me this week. (totally not true) But we will probably talk about mechanics and new and returning keywords this weekend. Did I miss anyone? Anything? Leave me a not in the comments below! As always, we do not do what we do in a vacuum. If you have any information, leaks or spoilers, don’t hesitated to share. We always love running down new speculations and conspiracy theories.

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