Is another classic planeswalker appearing in Midnight Hunt?

The following information is brought to you by the letters BDC

We’ve already seen the planeswalker cards for Arlinn and Wrenn and Seven as well as the art for Teferi”s card. But did Wotc sneak in another planeswalker?

While rummaging through the spoilers yesterday, I came upon the obvious Visage of a popular, classic planeswalker hiding in plain sight.

It’s plainly Chandra on the card. Is she a fourth planeswalker for Midnight Hunt? When in doubt, ask Mark Rosewater aka Maro.

So, Chandra is confirmed for the Midnight Hunt storyline. Will this mean that she is scheduled for Crimson Vow? Time will tell. What is her part on all of this? Still to be seen. Whatever her part, it should get interesting. Fire is a hell of a weapon against Werewolves and Vampires.

AND notice Maro said “other planeswalkers” plural. Does that mean even more cameos? The Tavern Mages are watching with much anticipation.

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