Neon Dynasty Speculation: Who is The Wanderer?

One of the first characters to be spoiled for Neon Dyanasty was seen on the box art. A figure wearing a familiar hat, known as The Wanderer, seemed to set to make a return in Neon Dynasty. But who exactly IS The Wanderer? Why has she come to Kamigawa? And what does this have to do with the disappearance of the Emperor? I think I know. And, if I’m right, we’re all in for a storyline swerve.

But first, let’s look into what we know about The Wanderer.

The mysterious figure made her debut in War of the Spark. She gave no indication of her name, but she was an amazing warrior; calculated and precise. She was lured to Ravnica like the rest and trapped by Bolas. She was found to know both Sarkhan Bol and Tezzeret. Her relationship with the later was obviously adversarial. The Wanderer used her large, conical hat, some think, to hide her face and to hide a horrible disfigurement or scarring. Ral Zarek suspected it and she did not deny. She only said that she blamed Tezzeret for it.

The Wanderer has a special relationship with the BLIND ETERNITIES. Unlike other planeswalkers, moving between the planes is almost effortless. So effortless, that she struggles to NOT planeswalk. She can not only planeswalk with ease but planeswalk again almost immediately. If she sleeps or relaxes too much, she will automatically planeswalk. She is so attuned to it all that she can feel every ripple and sense other planeswalker’s paths longer than others.

IF her planeswalking and her fighting prowess isn’t enough, The Wanderer also has a slew of other unique abilities. Some of these allowed her to track Tezzeret. She can absorb kenetic energy magically and redirect it through her sword. She is quite possibly the most unique planeswalker we’ve ever encountered.

But that doesn’t get us any closer to WHO she is. But, considering the information in the stories, so far, on Kamigawa and all of the data we’ve looked at from the past, I think it’s obvious who she is. The Wanderer is the Emperor of Kamigawa.

Let’s look at the clues:

ONE: The Emperor was attacked by a ‘Man with a metal arm’. This has already had most able minded Vorthos hounds calling Tezzeret’s name. Most would already claim that his is that strange man who assaulted the Emperor.

TWO: The Wanderer blames Tezzeret for scarring her face. Obviously, during the original scuffle on the Imperial Grounds, Tezzeret caused her a disfigurement.

THREE: I believe it was this injury that triggered her spark causing her to planeswalk immediately. Her struggle to control her spark may explain why she hasn’t returned home yet. She’s been bouncing around the planes so much, if she knew how, she’d be home by now.

FOUR: The Wanderer is a skilled warrior and adept with a sword. That and her garb totally hint that she is from Kamigawa.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

It just seems obvious to me that we’re being set up for a major swerve once this story in Kamigawa resolves. What do you think? Is there a flaw in my thinking? Of course, this is only speculation. I’m always ready to be wrong. But I don’t think I am.

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