The Phyrexian End Game

Over a year ago when Kaldheim was released it was a set that I was personally excited for. I really could not wait to see how Wizards handled a “viking” inspired set. I’ve always loved the lore and aesthetic and bringing that to Magic was just a bonus. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of my favorite villains from MTG’s past came back! The Pyrexians were back and up to something big. With Vorinclex stealing a sample of the Tyrite from the world tree, the question was why.

After years and years out of the main story, one Preator shows up, steals a sample from the world tree, and leaves. This could not simply be something that was planned to be a one and done. I expected to see one Preator every set until we finally saw them all and got the big picture of their plan for multiversial completion, but we did not. It was radio silence for 12 months. And then we returned to Kamigawa and in the story, our next Phyrexian showed his face. Not only (***Spoilers Ahead***) did Jin-Gitaxias return and begin experimenting on the Kami of the plane but did something we had never seen. He “completed” a planeswalker. Tamiyo while trying to fight off Jin and his allies, fell and was brought back as the first of the Phyrexian planewalkers. Jin-Gitaxias also went on to say that she would not be last. And that is where this wild theory picks up.

If she is the first but not the last then clearly they are planning to “complete” more. To me this opens up so many story lines and possibilities that for the first time in a long time, I can not wait to see where this goes. Imagine if the Phyrexians got ahold of Teferi, Nissa, or Chandra. The power they would wield would be astonishing. It would also leave the Phyrexians with a reliable way of jumping to different planes and assimilating them into the fold. This leads to only one thing, and that is war. The Gatewatch, or what’s left of it, verses the Phyrexians. This is where the theory goes from wild, to crazy town.

I believe the Phyrexians will control some of the most powerful planeswalkers out there, on top of their already massive army, and will set out to conquer Dominaria once and for all, hence the set in place of the core set this year Dominaria United. I think this is the set when the gatewatch will finally become aware of the situation and begin to prepare for the coming invasion, only to find in future sets that it is not enough. They will find that they are not enough to stand in the way of such an onslaught. They will, therefore, need the help from two particular brothers.

No, I am not suggesting an insane time jumping set where they bring Urza and Mishra (Although it could be cool) in to help them solve the problem of the Phyrexians once again. But I believe Jace, with nowhere left to turn, will return to the Meditation Realm and seek the help of Ugin, and yes Nicol Bolas. In a Thor: The Dark World style turn, Bolas will be released with the intention of stopping the Phyrexians once and for all. Will it work? Yes, I think it will. Will Nicol Bolas escape and be a problem down the road? Yes, probably so, but this is a story that I would eat up and be begging for more. Many people will be as well I suspect. Two of the biggest bads in all of MTG history facing off? What more could you ask for? Let me know what you think in the comments below and come find us on Facebook and tell me all about it. I truly can not wait to hear what you all think is coming next.

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