Thoughts on “Universes Beyond” in MTG

When the Universes Beyond was announced back in the February of 2021, it’s an understatement to say there was a mixed reaction to these IP’s coming into the MTG multiverse. Many argue that these worlds being introduced would cause Magic to not feel like Magic, this on top of all of the Secret Lairs that have come and will come. Many jumped to the conclusion that seeing a game of commander that was Gandalf vs Ryu vs Rick from the Walking Dead vs Eleven from Stranger Things would make the game into something completely different. Others say that the inclusion would just make the experience better for players that could now play with their favorite pop culture characters. Finally, there is a group that honestly did not care and just kind of shrugged at the thought. But with the first major inclusion of Warhammer 40K making news all over with all the previews and deck reveals, it felt like as good of a time as any to revisit the thought and see how people are reacting now, mixed with a little bit of our thoughts on it.

The one that started it all (aka We didn’t start the fire, this did)

Full disclosure, Warhammer 40K is another one of my guilty pleasures and for me it was something that could easily fit into the world of Magic. I knew the art would be stellar (even if I do wish they were crediting the original artist and not just GW) and the grim dark vibe would be something that wouldn’t seem too far out of the norm. Most people’s argument on this one was the guns and more technologically advanced vehicles. That they would be too far from the mostly fantasy scheme of MTG. This was also brought up over The Walking Dead cards and a few others, but overall this seems to be a nonissue now. I don’t see anyone still actively complaining about the TWD cards. 

As of writing this, I have seen next to no one saying the Warhammer cards (or any other secret lair or Universes Beyond cards) are just unacceptable. There are a few saying that they aren’t for them but for many, they are getting excited and ready to jam these new (and some POWERFUL) cards into their decks. The art is a home run, the cards themselves are great, and if anything it is doing the one thing I always thought it would.

My first thoughts when seeing the announcement was “This is amazing!”. Bringing these IP’s in and adding them to our game is in the end, nothing but a positive. The main response online to these cards? It’s one of two things. “I have never really paid attention to Warhammer but these cards are great. Maybe I’ll look more into 40K!” Or “I have never really played MTG but love 40K. I have to get these decks and try them out!” In the end to me it will do nothing but bring communities together. More Magic players will look into new IP’s that the game will now introduce them too and at the same time, it will bring more players to the table and make for new games and new memories. The very worst thing that could happen is that this particular set is not for you and your wallet rejoices. If there’s a card you want from the set, wait and buy a single. If the art is something you can’t get over, there are numerous amazing proxy artists out there or artists to alter the card.

 In the end does it matter if you sit across the table from a Space Marine deck or Gitrog deck? I would wager not, so don’t yuck someone’s yum just cause this one isn’t for you. There are more than enough products each year that I welcome one or two that I don’t want to buy. When the LotR set comes out, I’ll be in the minority but it’s not one that I personally am looking forward to, but by all means, I want to play against your Golem deck! 

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