Thraximundar: Still painting the earth red after all these years!

This one’s been a long time going. Our man Panda is known for his monstrous decks built from some the classic tropes of Magic the Gathering. Elves, Dragons and, even Squirrels are among his tribal decks. And there always massive machines of destruction. But none sets a table afire like his massive instrument of sacrifice manned by the most violent of commanders: Thraximundar.

Rising from the dead with a taste of blood and gynecide, this aberrant mockery of the classic noble knight, mounted upon his monstrous Dreg Reaver, Thraximundar leads an army of those he has slain in the violent pursuit of slaying everything and anything in their path.

The vaunted Dreg Reaver that serves as Thraximundar’s mount!

There is no rhyme or reason to this dread general’s path, but woe to those who find themselves in said path. And whether manipulated by Nicol Bolas or killed by Elspeth, nothing stops the march of this zombie god (assassin? Really? That’s the best word you could come up with?) at least in the came of Commander.

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You can check it out further here-


The Metal version of Thraximundar from Secret Lair

As you can plainly read, the name of the game is sacrifice. And the lovely part is that it doesn’t matter who does the sacrificing; they all feed the sac engine. With each creature forced into the graveyard, your commander ramps +1/+1. Of course, you may want to put some indestructible protection in your deck, but Panda’s theory is ‘if they can’t keep a creature on the field, they will have a hard time getting anywhere’.

Lucky for you, there are many ways to feed the sacrifice engine.

You can sacrifice your own creatures for fun and profit. And, in that, I am not kidding. There are so many cards that benefit you in so many ways whose main point is killing your own. From doing direct damage or outright destroying creatures, to countering spells and abilities, to pulling creatures out of your own library, to pulling creatures out of your graveyard to scrying or even create mana. And these are only a few examples. There are so many more out there all according to what tickles your fancy.

Of course, there are plenty of cards that force your opponent to sacrifice their own creatures too which also pumps Thraximundar.

But there are also many cards that get all the players involved in the fun. Unfortunately, that means you. But you can’t make an omelet…blah, blah.

Or maybe do both, sacrifice a creature AND force your enemy to do the same.


What’s more fun than sacrificing your own creatures? Well, just about anything. I mean, it helps that it’s feeding Thraximundar. But why not turn it on your opponent. We’ve already seen cards that force your competitor to sacrifice their own creatures. Better than that, why not turn their creatures on them and, THEN, sacrifice them!

Macabre Mockery actually lets you go into an opponent’s graveyard, put it on your field, give it +2/+0 and haste, THEN, sacrifices it in the end. BONUS!

There’s so much you can do with this deck. Tell us in the Comments what you did with your build. OR drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

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