Playing a Raggamoffyn as a PC

The following Spooktober offering is from the dark mind of BDC

Returning to the theme of ‘reskinning the Warforged’, I want to enter this spooky season looking into one of the most bizzare offerings from the article I wrote on the subject: The Raggamoffyn.

Not made of wood, stone or metal like the Scarecrow, the Gargoyle and the Shield Guardian, the Raggamoffyn could be totally passed as unacceptable as a Warforged. But, no matter how you slice it, they ARE a construct. And, although that means reworking the Integrated Protection, I still think it’s a fair way to build this type of character.


First of all, there is a vast font of possibilities in creating a backstory. Most Raggamoffyns are created by accident and are usually the byproduct of something akin to a chemical spill only it’s potions and magical excess improperly disposed of.

Although, there are stories from Undermountain under Waterdeep of a ragged homeless magic user known as the Rag Mage who has been credited with creating them. However, considering the Rag Mage doesn’t actually exist anymore but has become the legendary 14th Skull of Skullport, if he has created any lately, it is most likely magical residuum from his present task.

Dedicated to protecting and empowering the massive Mythal called The Mantle that surrounds and protects SKullport, he and his thirteen mages gather magic items and, sometimes, magic users to feed the Mythal. In this endeavor, I’m sure the are enough residual magic surrounding this powerful magic to go around.

This may give your Raggamoffyn character someone to seek out only to find him an apt enemy as they and their party descend into Skullport.


I would be content to stick with the ‘run of the mill’ whirlwind of cloth and leathers (and small bits of metal) that is the common Raggamoffyn. But they are anything but common.

Shrapnyl Raggamoffyn

The Gutterspite is made up of rope, leather and cloth wrapped around a small mass of gemstones. They are smaller than the common Raggamoffyn, but still dangerous.

If the part about them being made of cloth or leather bothers you, use the Shrapnyl option to play one made of scrap bits of metal. Now, you could simply go with this as the creation of a Warforged aka coming to sentience via a magical accident or you could pull the symbiotic relationship with another humanoid, usually a Dwarf or Deurgar.


Now, this is where I may loose you. Although you could totally play the Raggamoffyns as a pile of cloth come to life. They can be so much more than that.

All types of them seek hosts to control.

As monsters, this is ok. But, usually, while playing one as a PC, taking hosts against their will may be a moral problem. Still playing your character as a symbiotic creature much like Venom/Eddie Brock brings a lot of great things to the story.

My suggestion for a fun build is a Raggamoffyn who, at first, grabbed host after host, but found themselves coming to an understanding that this wasn’t morally right and totally not working. Growing a conscious is one of the first signs of sentience and growth, at that. This may have happened when the construct came in contact with his ‘soul mate’. A match so perfect that they become one without having to coerce anyone.

The PC becomes one creature with one set of numbers and abilities but with a complicated history and relationship with the Raggamoffyn. It is ALMOST like a patron relationship. Or maybe it could be played as one. Wearing and using the abilities and magic of the creature becomes a Patron relationship. Maybe the Patron wants to find the Rag Mage or some way to merge the two of you.

I think, more than that, the two of them have become an amazing duo to the point that they are limber and quick: the perfect monk! For years, they struggled against each other and suddenly found that working together made them a fighting machine. And having resistance to poison and being immune to disease at the get-go puts you ahead on the Monk build.

Even better, the two of them together could make an amazing Sorcerer. Using the residual magic from a mages old cloak, a normal human (or enter race here) begins to access great feats of magic! The Raggamoffyn would be like Dr Strange’s cloak. And I think Chaos magic would be perfect as they try and work together to control the magic!

Actually, the two of them could be anything. Take the Assassin Rogue. With the aid of the shadowy robe it could explain how they access the subclass, Arcane Trickster.


As with the Scarecrow, most of the racial bonus’ makes sense. But more than with the former, the Raggamoffyn makes Integrated Protection problematic seeing that there is no armor.

The quick and spry creature could explain the +1 in AC. But it would be more of added quickness. In this case, no armor could be used which takes several options off the table immediately. You may want to add a bonus on Reflex checks and advantage on save vs magic seeing as one half of the team is a creature of pure magic.

Most of the fun is in playing such a unique character and, even though there are two sentient beings involved, their numbers are all wrapped up in one stat sheet. If the team is broken up, this makes the future problematic and there are some homebrew numbers out there for the Raggamoffyn you can use. But have fun playing a Schizophrenic mess and creating a truly unique story.

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